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15 11 2015



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16 11 2015

I didn’t listen to this, but I think that anyone who thinks that these attacks are made-up know very little about France, North Africa, or the Middle East or even history. People need to look at the history of Algeria and the Algerian war. And, for that matter, the history of French and British Imperialism. I have known secular Algerians and the Islamist threat was very real, and there is no reason to believe it has changed. Maybe the French didn’t stop them in order to crack down. But, Islamic extremism is real. In much of the Islamic world, there have been generations of young men who are unemployed, have no hope and in some countries are even not allowed to marry because they have no money for dowries or an apartment. Small wonder that they were jumping over themselves to get to Europe so they could get a job and an apartment and send for a wife. I don’t have time to go on about this, but I read the existing literature in English and French and spoke with people about this well before 911. In particular I knew someone who didn’t take Islamic extremism seriously and laughed about it until his own family was endangered. Then he was singing a different tune. To deny the reality of Islamic extremism is a lot like saying there is no gun violence in America. In fact, I would believe the second before the first. But, there are a lot of similarities between Islamic extremism and general gang violence. The French government just announced that they believe the two are tied together in France. I was anxious to see if the attackers were disenfranchised locals or those who were strangely allowed in this autumn. No surprise that they appear to be both. Who let these people in and why this autumn is the real question. I would place my bets on Putin, since many came through Serbia.
Also, why wasn’t Merkel in the stadium during the French-German match?

After saying the above, some of those trying to protest French uranium mining in Africa have been accused of terrorism. But, appears largely a different topic.

I recommend that people start their history lesson with the Battle of Algiers, though they are welcome to go back to French invasion of Algeria ca 1840s.

16 11 2015

I mean the film Battle of Algiers.

16 11 2015

I saw that when it was re-releaed and theater had to show it in 4 theaters to meet demand.
A great film.

I thought of it when I saw this news item:

16 11 2015

The reason I post news about terrurizm being sometimes a cover for US and Brit or Mossad spook operations is I am influenced by this article on Serendipity back when reading a lot on 9-11 –

” a British spy by the name of Hempher was responsible for shaping of the extreme tenets of Wahhabism ”
And this good item, something of a classic –

I wasn’t ‘in the room’ and yes huge amounts of north African people who weren’t extreme can be made so and driven completely nuts by the carnage wrought there (by big oil’s soldiers in my opinion) …. BUT … it is well known US spooks encourage terrur cells to bust up trade deals Russia would like to make in oil producing countries. Like they did in Afghanistan war #1 (Carter administration).
Some oddities about current situation in Europe is the info coming out about this sudden mass exodus having Soros funding or other billionaire(s) behind it. How many leaving got a free ‘boost’ with paid airfare, hotels etc. that are from external (single) source. Lots and lots out there bouncing around blogs on it.
I am mostly posting on Dana and U Vic now as others covering France and upheaval in N. Africa and Europe quite well.

OK to post comments here all you want if you want to make another point.
(Don’t have to agree with my view … open to all sides here)

18 11 2015

I know you are educating people on all views, but some new to the blog may not. Saudi was funding Algerian extremism too back in the 90s. Egypt also dumped their extremists upon Algeria too when Algeria wanted Arabic speaking teachers. Don’t forget that Algeria was colonized by Rome too and served a similar function to the role it played for France. My info is dated because I learned that no one cares what I think and there’s not much I can do about it anyway, other than follow common sense and gut instinct for personal safety.

If they keep on polluting the world so with radionuclides, it won’t matter anyway.

I agree that someone probably gave those immigrants a boost. However, even though I think that (too), we can’t underestimate the desperation of people. Different people are tearing up the world with oil and surface mining and there are more and more people.

Even the Irish potato famine was multidimensional – had to do with famine, property rights and overpopulation. Ireland is really where the Brits cut their teeth on cruel imperialism. Even that has a much more complicated history going back to the Irish fighting amongst themselves and inviting Strongbow in to help and then Henry II followed on his heels. And, it took almost 1000 years for Ireland to get its freedom. Irish history is the most interesting, but sad. Most of the rebellions seem to have been by the Anglo-Normans (e.g. Geraldines – Fitzgeralds (?Earls of Desmond). They rebelled but the repercussions hit the Native Irish hard (and their Scottish soldier supporters who ended up as Caribbean slaves). It remains sad to this day, however, because the Irish often can’t find jobs in their own country now (but Germans can!). And, Ireland won’t take the potato famine generation descendants back, but they will take Europeans (and non-Europeans) with no ancestral ties. Ditto for Scotland.

There are often and maybe always elements of truth in conspiracy theories. That’s what makes them fun. I think it’s a good idea, though, to have a fact blog like you have at Louisiana Sinkhole (mostly), and an “everything” blog like this one. I worry though that Dana mixing up with conspiracy theory at this point may not serve him well. However, today’s D day, I think.

To me the strangest is that France has been repeatedly warned about terrorists and did nothing. Yet, they invaded Stephane Lhomme’s house and dragged him to jail for pointing out that French nuclear power stations would be at risk from a terrorist attack! But, they wouldn’t go get the real terrorists. I think that counter-terrorism (unlike technology) was one area where the French excel (along with journalism). They cut their teeth during the Algerian war. Ever since France helped kidnap Aristide and told egregious lies about him, I haven’t cared for the French gov or mainstream media.

The most interesting thing will be to see how long they leave state of emergency on. Trudeau (father) was excessive in his use of state of emergency during the October Crisis – excessive in making it outside of Quebec (or even Montreal) – it extended to BC – and excessive time wise. Of course, my opinions were framed by French Canadians and other Montrealers not so long after the event. So, my view is one-sided. However, non-French Canadians were traumatized by the tanks in the neighborhoods, as kids are the world over in time of war.

They interviewed a girl on French radio that sounded strikingly like one student post-911. She essentially said she didn’t mind losing her privacy-freedom to be safe.

Most of the world has become like these poorer countries. They can’t or won’t offer honest work to their people. People are desperate and it is very, very sad.

I always think of an anthropologist who told the story about Haiti and AIDs. Interviewers asked the men were they homosexual. The men said, of course not! The American anthropologists said “you are in denial of your homosexuality”. But, then the men said that there was nothing they wouldn’t do to feed their kids. The AIDS epidemic in Haiti came from North Americans buying Haitians for cheap (I know there are other opinions on this.) To me, this cuts through to the core of the problem. People with hungry kids generally don’t feel they can afford ethics.

18 11 2015

Oh, I always forget to mention (or lately) the pieds noirs. Some of them were Spanish in Algeria for 300 years and can’t go home. Their case is sad too. Then there are the harkis who are Algerians who fought for the French. Neither the French nor the Algerians want them, as one tearfully told me. The French are very racist in a way that I’ve never seen in the US, though in parts of the US it’s surely there, but not where most people think. Even French news says that Obama could never happen in France. The Algerian war was their Vietnam. I have witnessed an American refuse to be served by Vietnamese waitresses, but this seems rare, and the French sometimes refuse to serve Algerians. Tragic world. I have to get to work. I was very bad and watched some movies for the first time in years instead of working. I was too tired to work. I still am.

18 11 2015

Great article about the exploitation of migrant workers. Bouygues was just fined for something similar with Polish workers at the Flammanville Nuclear construction site. They didn’t pay the prevailing wage.

18 11 2015

On your article re Saudi. True or false, as far as I always heard the imperialist policy was to cut up countries with mixtures of ethnicities (and religions) to better divide and conquer, especially Africa. The Near-East and North Africans who I’ve spoken with hate the Saudis and consider them big hypocrites. Sarajevo is a good example of everyone getting along fine until, in the context of economic crisis, the “racial” and “religious” pot was stirred to cause Civil War. But, it is still “real” whoever “created” it. All of this seems in line with your article.

18 11 2015

that article from Serendipity had that in a good summary. Or check history of Kuwait (made up by Brit oil execs).

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