Muammar Gaddafi Speech to UN (entire)

19 11 2015

Consider this with France false flag event.

The Green Book by Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi

flying cuttlefish picayune

Very hard to find online … it has been scrubbed! Many thanks to links below ….. F.C.

Video: Muammar Gaddafi Speech to UN – full speech


Addressing UN General Assembly Leader of the Revolution Chairman of the AU Offers Radical Solutions That Could Rock UN Foundations

New York : 23. 9. 2009    from:

Leader of the Revolution, Chairman of African Union, King of African Traditional Kings offered in his speech today before the 64th session of the United Nations’ General Assembly radical solutions that could rock the tumbling structure of the UN Organization and building instead a new international structure based on equality between nations big and small and free from veto and permanent and temporary seats and to restore proper respect of the UN General Assembly which is the Congress of the world .

New York : Sept. 23, 2009

In the name of Allah.
Gentlemen members…

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22 11 2015

Sputnik –

The Jury is Out and the G20 Shutters at the Verdict

It was almost imperceptible; most people probably missed the sliver of a smile from Vladimir Putin as he leaned in to talk with American President Barack Obama at the G20 in Antalya.

18 04 2016

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