The Chess Game in Syria & Israel Connection

30 11 2015

Some items from Sputnik

Golan Heights Oil to Add Fuel to the Fire of Syrian War
An apparent discovery of huge volumes of oil in the disputed Golan Heights brings the stakes of the Russian involvement in Syria to a new geopolitical dimension, F. William Engdahl stresses.

 Golan Heights: Why is Israeli IDF Military Talking to ISIL?
….According to a Commander of the Iraqi Army, quoted by the media outlet, the IDF colonel “had participated in the Takfiri ISIL group’s terrorist operations.”

Erdogan’s ‘Silent Backers’: Who Egged Turkish Leader to Attack Su-24?
… “That illegal oil finances the major activities of ISIS [ISIL] in Iraq and Syria, a point of which Russia’s Putin gently reminded US President Obama and others at the recent Antalya, Turkey G-20 meeting. Fourteen months of alleged US bombings of ISIS targets never once went after the oil chain from Mosul and other ISIS occupied sites through Turkey onto tankers owned by Bilal [son of president] Erdogan’s tanker companies,” …

Sent in: “Very interesting, and ties Syria conflict to mineral interests by Israel/US in Golan Heights and Yemen.
Yemen also has very large and rich mineral deposits that the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia started the Yemen war so he could grab the oil.  The terrorists from Syria are being flown out of Syria and into Yemen to fight the Houghtis who are now moving into Saudi Arabia to overthrow the Saudi King and royal family.  They are very close to losing the Saudi throne and Saudi Arabia will be bankrupt within a year due to low oil prices.

The Saudi military is so weak and disorganized they have to hire mercenaries to send into Yemen, and have hired Eric Prince (Blackwater) special assassination teams to send to Yemen.  The Saudi Deputy Crown Prince is one of the main contributors to the overthrow of the throne.  Thirty years old, he has started the Yemen war to grab oil deposits and gain popularity with the Saudi people so he can usurp the legitimate heir to the Saudi throne.

His military convoy caused the deaths of over 7000 Hajjis in Mecca at the latest Haj, by driving rapidly thru a large crowd of Hajjis and caused them to panic and stampede.  Thousands more were injured.  The Saudi King has only been on the throne for about 9 months, and his son is causing the overthrow of his own father to further his own ambitions.”  

From The Syrian Free Press

How Turkey Exports ISIS Oil to the World: the Scientific Evidence [PHOTOS]


This story shows IS terrur videos were made at US Base:
Daesh videos filmed in a U.S. controlled facility [PHOTOS]



The US-Russia Proxy War in Syria  By Ray McGovern

“In private, Obama may have been outraged by Erdogan’s reckless actions – as some reports suggest – but, if so, Obama seems publicly more afraid of offending the neocons who dominate Official Washington’s opinion circles and who hold key positions in his own administration, than of provoking a possible nuclear confrontation with Russia.




4 responses

1 12 2015

Dr. Leuren Moret says:
“Erdogan/Turkey shooting down the Russian plane a week ago has had a huge negative impact particularly on NATO, a goal of Putin’s from the start. He has used the downing of the SU-24 fighter jet to put so much air and ground defenses in Syria that no invasions can occur without instantaneous annihilation. NATO has been the first to bemoan how Russia/Putin took extreme advantage of Turkey’s egregious error to add major defenses to Syria… recognizing that its no playground for the US/partners to play war games any more. Russia now has missiles/rockets/bombs of every sort and caliber including nuclear on standby and ready to launch against any invaders from RU locations from ships in the Caspian Sea, submarines in the Mediterranean, aircraft carriers offshore from Syria in the Medit., and from the ground and the air anywhere in or out of Syria. Their anti-aircraft defense installed a few days after the downing of the fighter jet provides advanced radar coverage throughout Syria, most of Turkey, and parts of Iraq. Putin has now exposed the $trillion oil trafficking from Iraq and Syria is run by Erdogan of Turkey and both of his sons who own two oil tanker shipping companies that transport the stolen fuel.
There are at least three parts to this story, be sure to read them on – the links should be in this article:

Israel is getting 75% of it very cheap and reselling to other countries. The names of the middlemen are emerging now (even in comment sections of articles that do not mention specific names) and the countries involved.”

3 12 2015


Dec. 2 – No Troubles Reported for Russian Ships in the Bosphorus

“Russian Navy ships currently aren’t experiencing any problems passing through the Bosphorus Strait or the Dardanelles, a diplomatic source from the Russian military told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.”

3 12 2015

6 12 2015

Putin seeks alliance to rival TPP
Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to form an economic bloc, as an alternative to the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). He has asked the government to start making contacts with Asian countries.

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