Dana Blasts Off

2 12 2015

Dana Durnford has a thing or two to say on Live Stream.



LINK –  http://livestream.com/accounts/16291058/events/4552648/videos/105968915


Mining Awareness – Complaint Filed Against French State Utility EDF-Climate Conference Sponsor for False Advertising

“. . . At the approach of COP21 French State owned EDF, official sponsor of that event, launched a big publicity campaign to present itself as the “Official Partner of a Low Carbon World”. The campaign glorifies their electricity production, which they allege is 98% CO2 free, due to nuclear power.

To denounce this false advertising, the “Sortir du nucléaire” [Nuclear Exit] Network filed a complaint before the Advertising Ethics Jury and brought a civil liability suit against EDF before the Tribunal de grande instance of Pari [Paris Tribunal-Court] . . . “

small url:   http://tinyurl.com/hsu9gfz

Nuclear Hotseat Calls For Death Of Anti Nuclear Activist

LINK – http://youtu.be/kMgXltONBSQ

Dec. 3 – Court docs: F.B.I. & U Vic conspire to censor Dana Durnford (Live Stream)





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3 12 2015

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