US NRC Pontificates How Much Leakage Acceptable at Nuclear Power Stations

3 12 2015

scurvy dogs!

Mining Awareness
“Shouldn’t an industry which deals with lethal radioactive materials be held to a higher standard rather than to a lower standard? It should. But, NRC actions show that it thinks the nuclear industry is “special” and should have constant exemptions and be held to lower standards than everyone else.”

Mining Awareness +

If anyone needs anymore evidence that the bureaucrats at the US NRC are either stark raving mad or have sub-zero IQs this is it: they are considering how much operational leakage is acceptable at nuclear power stations. Here they apparently do NOT mean the planned legal emissions which poison the environment on a routine basis but rather how much unplanned piping and similar leakage is “acceptable”.

Unless you are young with a brand new everything and are lucky not to have gotten a defective item among your brand-new everything, you know that no leakage is acceptable. This is all the more true for radioactive leakages at nuclear power stations.

There is a reason that some US plumbers make almost as much as President Obama for work weeks of about the same length – leaks are not acceptable. Thus they are well-paid and always working. There is a reason that executives…

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