New York City Area Nuke Plant Emegency Shut Down Saturday

6 12 2015

Why isn’t this on the news?

Zero Hedge – Cuomo Sends Investigators After Blackout Forces Shutdown Of Nuclear Reactor Near NYC – Entergy owned Indian Point power plant forced to shut down after power loss

BUCHANAN, N.Y. — One of the Indian Point nuclear power plants outside New York City was forced to shut down unexpectedly Saturday after a power loss to several control rods.

Nov. 25 – Mining Awareness – NY Opposes Big Easy Nuclear Relicensing Near NYC: Entergy Aging Management Plan Woefully Inadequate and Evacuation Impossible

ENE-News – Gov’t: Shutdown at U.S. nuclear plant after 10 control rods accidentally fall into reactor core — Caused by ‘smoldering’ event, Fire Brigade on scene — Incident of this type could lead to overheating, potentially resulting in ‘supercriticality’ — Official: No ‘immediate’ concern (VIDEO)

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Not only is Indian Point creaky and old and way too near millions of New Yorkers it stores all of its waste on site.  AND they probably helped cover up the mini nukes used to bring down the WTC!

see –

scroll down to bottom – –

“This may be circumstantial evidence, but if Indian Point deliberately released these very
high levels of fission gases in the first quarter of 2002, the timing could have been to
coincide with any radiological investigations being carried out in the New York area in the
aftermath of the WTC destruction. Once the “shock and awe” had worn off and medical
attention started to be focused on the developing illnesses of rescue workers and residents,
increased radiation levels and detection of fallout from the WTC destruction could be
blamed on Indian Point

Alternatively, Indian Point did not release these huge quantities of fission gases at all but
was reported to have done so to provide a cover story if needed for the fallout from the

Nuclear Accident at Indian Point:
Consequences and Cost  




10 responses

8 12 2015

Jeff Rense and Dana Durnford talk about it (audio file)

9 12 2015

I saw some evidence somewhere of a radiological leak in this period – can’t recall what it was, however.

9 12 2015

current – or 9-11?

9 12 2015

Shortly after 9-11 give or take some time. I didn’t know about the Indian Point leak. Most likely that.

9 12 2015

what the article is saying is the “leak” didn’t happen. They lied to cover up after effects of mini nuke used at WTC.
I tend to believe it with so many firemen and police dying after (they are still dying like flies). EPA said the air was fine.

11 12 2015

Yes, I understood that. However, these reactors are in such bad shape logically there must be many accidents that we are not told about. I wish I could recall what I read – maybe Europe had an unaccounted for spike in radiation? Or was it something to do with the Atlantic? I can’t recall. Whatever it was the correlation was so strong it made me wonder if the WTC involved nuclear but I thought that idea too weird.

11 12 2015

not at all weird now … the dying firemen after the event, the smoldering pit they couldn’t cool, the powered cement, the half zapped cars, the unburned lobby carpet where the elevators are, the toppling of WTC 7 with no demolition crews doing a thing to it …. etc. etc.

9 12 2015
12 12 2015

4 03 2016

We think this story is a cover story for bad design, thoughtless upkeep and lazy supervision put out to deflect blame from Entergy :
Bird Poo excuse –

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