Michael Aydinian on San Bernadino + Trowbridge Ford, Ole Dammegard Thoughts

7 12 2015

San Bernardino victims daughter exposes her mother to be a fake & shooters’ family attorney speaks out

First of all two clips which really should be enough to convince people something doesn’t sit right with this ‘incident’ in San Bernardino, California. The third ‘false flag’ video shows how the Paris attack had government operatives throwing fire-crackers in cafes, terrifying unsuspecting customers. It’s so blatant it’s almost laughable.

article + videos –


Trowbridge H. Ford says – “The counter terrorists messed up big not only in Washington but
also in California, thinking that tIsis was going to stage an attack
against the Taliban in Afghanistan, thanks to “chatter” it was sending
out, which, when taken seriously by NSA, caused Isis to move up its
planned attack in San Bernardino.

Ole Dammegard ~ “We’ll always have Paris” – for Terror

LINK – http://youtu.be/d8PDt8CPwrM



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8 12 2015

[ 14:39 mark on San Bernadino ]


9 12 2015

I found it interesting that the CBS clip given on Infowars had someone with the surname AbdelMajeed alleging that San Bernadino was done by 3 white men. Abdel – slave of – Majeed. A name from Iraq, Syria and even the name of a Moroccan terrorist! The top link looks probably Russian funded. It is very silly and says what terrorists attack their own? Well, plenty! Think of abortion clinic attacks. The Islamist extremists caused havoc in Algeria for a long time. Devout, non-extremist, Muslims wanted them put in jail. This led to Civil War. Among other things, Egypt had exported its extremists to Algeria when Algeria was desperate for teachers who spoke Arabic instead of French.

If the top link isn’t Russia funded then they are among those masochistic ethnocentric people who make everyone a puppet of the USA. People have free will you know. Americans are way too naive. Other peoples aren’t so naive.

The US gov looks full of incompetent people – due to nepotism and patronage perhaps or the free-fall to the bottom of US education? Or just because most people aren’t that bright?

I would like someone to talk about the probable bribery involved in letting this woman in from Saudi. For Americans who have been in the US for 100 to 300 plus years getting their foreign spouse a green card has not a given for a long time. Then they have to expat out or file for divorce. How come a one generation “American” was able to get his wife in so quickly? If you look, people from countries with reputations for bribery seem to have less problem getting their green cards and US jobs. Those who wouldn’t even know where to start bribing are left behind.

I am saddened by the continued anti-semitism expressed by people who should know better. Only Boxer, Sanders and Markey have stood up for US nuclear safety. Boxer and Sanders are Jewish. Zac Goldman is one of the only UK MPs who is antinuclear and he too is Jewish. His uncle Teddy started the Ecologist newspaper.

No one who is anti-nuclear can afford to be anti-Jewish! No one who wants to live their lives healthy and cancer free can afford to be anti-Jewish. They seem to be almost the only ones in politics trying to help stop the nuclear dangers. Facts are facts.


10 12 2015


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