The CIA’s Anti-Castro Team and the Assassination of John Lennon

11 12 2015

Ed Opperman interviews Mark R. Elsis

LINK – << at 26:20 mark




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11 12 2015

John Lennon was murdered by the CIA who thought he being a menace to American society, the sensitivity of the American as with British elite who use the their secret service to to destroy any individual having power such as Gaddafi and so on, who seem or are a perceived to be a threat to the status quo or will be killed or destroyed in some way, the assassin is a individual who has been picked by the CIA to be programmed to do the job or as with larger mass problems will instigate war in countries such as Libya, Syria and so on.
The most likely agenda of all this killing is carry out the doctrine of the Jewish religious sect is to destroy the planet and cause as much violence as possible with the hope of a return of the Real Christ that the Jews according to the story, as you know Jesus was not the guy the Jews wanted but a savior to free the Jews, as at present the Jews having taken up residence in the Middle East are I expect awaiting the return of the true savior, the Jews being a confused tribe having no idea as what this individual is or should be to pass the sniff test? what one has to know is vast cultures such as British ruling powers as the like of Blair or many of the American presidents are mad but they talk with authority and have credibility same as Abbott of Australia who is mad, but we live in dangerous times because the ruling class has over time become insane.

12 12 2015

they are insane from in-breeding … and generations of child sex abuse through their boarding school system.

13 12 2015

Great insight tempted to say almost say’s it all? how many comprehend the https? the Rothschilds must love the British leaders they need damaged people to manage the population for their ruin.

13 12 2015

and damaged people are easily manipulated/blackmailed…. like former House speaker, Hasert.

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