Pervert U.N. Troops Exploit African Kids

29 12 2015

Before It’s NewsUN Peacekeepers Demanded Oral Sex From Hungry Refugee Children

This doesn’t mention U.N. troops, but can we imagine what is going on with their hatred of children?
Organ Harvesting In Ukraine Goes Unreported




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29 12 2015

Have read UN are a corrupt organization? although any humanitarian individual or organization will attract the depraved and will infiltrate.

29 12 2015

The main problem is the U.N. troops get a ‘free pass ‘ on rape. It is just a matter of changing the rules to allow normal military rules to apply to them.
It is in one of the prior posts on the topic.

4 01 2016

not new …. but shows how the rich get richer on the backs of the poorest ….
Rockefeller, Crown Cocaine & Haitian Slavery

16 01 2017

Over 100 Children Accuse UN Peacekeepers of Rape Not a Single Soldier Charged (Pedogate Protected, Again)

16 01 2017

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