Other Nuke Horror Show: Sellafield

29 12 2015

Global Implications of Sellafield
By Dr. Leuren Moret

The daily “permitted” radioactive emissions and discharges into the Irish Sea since the 1950’s, have turned the contaminated sediments, seawater, and biosphere into a radioactive sink or permanent point source of radiation, with serious local and global effects. Daily “permitted” radioactive emissions and discharges from global sources have accumulated to higher radiation levels in the biosphere than many Chernobyls would release, and are the main cause of the large increase in ocean dead zones since the 1970’s.”

“. . . . Ending the generation and dumping of new nuclear waste will stop the ongoing undeclared and invisible global nuclear war, and allow the earth to heal itself. Recovery from nuclear pollution was demonstrated to happen very quickly after the 1963 Partial Test Ban Treaty went into effect. During four years of large bomb tests from 1957-1963, radioactive pollution caused a 50% decline in fishing catch in the North Atlantic and 65% in the Pacific. Four years after the halt of testing in 1963 by the US, UK, and Soviet Union, the Atlantic fishing catch had over-recovered to more than twice the pre-1957 levels before the dramatic decline. The Pacific fishing catch never recovered due to continued testing, until 1994 by other nuclear states, and the startup of nuclear power replacing bomb test radioactive pollution.”





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