Support Dana Durnford Before We ALL Get a Gagged!

6 01 2016

Stand up and be counted!

Bloggers and website editors need to show support to our best reporter on the Fukushima disaster, Dana Durnford in Canada.

He is up against the whole nuclear industry and Canada’s powerful uranium trust all alone. He hasn’t even any legal help.

THIS PAGE has free button art to link to Dana’s website.

Our forums and discussions are over-run by paid trolls this winter. This could be the last chance to speak out. If Dana is silenced (his is terribly gagged by court now after false charges laid by nukers) it will have a resounding effect on all bloggers and website editors.





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26 02 2016
TEPCO-USNRC Knew Fukushima Was Triple Meltdown (Unit 1,2,3) Almost Immediately; Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool Believed Failed | Mining Awareness +

[…] FC says: “It really helps expose the nuclear catastrophe from Fukushima if we support Dana Durnford now.  It helps him in court against very powerful uranium cartel funded foes. ONLY bloggers and independent websites can tell the truth now. Everyone else seems cowed or bought“: See: […]

26 02 2016

YES! They can’t kill us ALL!
WE MUST hold them accountable.

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