Ken Buesseler’s Idiotic Claims About Contaminated Fish Loosing Toxicity by Action of SWIMMING

1 02 2016

Famous nuke mouthpiece and faux-scientist, Ken Buesseler (of Woods Hole military intel front group) tops himself.

Strontium Milks: Buesseler Downplays Fukushima Says Fish Reaching America No Concern At All


“Ken Buesseler Woods Hole connection to federal grant money. The Oceanographic Institution Wins $5.49 Million Federal Contract Jun 12 15. Likely for it’s role in helping cover up the radiated sailors on the Naval ship Reagan. playingdaisies Why can’t Ken Buesseler, Jay Cullen and WHOI seem to find any radiation from Fukushima in anything, anywhere? Why are they both saying that even if they find a low level of radiation in ocean water, that it cannot cause any harm? Back in the 70’s they actually did some really good work and found radiation in starfish.. GASP! They TESTED SEA ANIMALS back then. The shock and horror of it.. Who would think to test sea animals for radiation nowadays?”






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1 02 2016
Strontium Milks

Reblogged this on truthfromshadows.


1 02 2016

He deserves the reputation he is getting!


1 02 2016

On another front – we all know nukers own the tv news etc.
This 2 part interview shows way more influence by spooks, intel agencies and military on movies and tv. Lots more info than you probably already know 🙂

Tom Secker : Hollywood & DOD, CIA, FBI, DHS



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