Highly Contaminated Water Leaking at Indian Point

7 02 2016

Governor Cuomo issues statement about contaminated water leaking at Indian Point

The levels ofwhiteRADblackRED radioactivity reported this week are significantly higher than in past incidents. Three of forty monitoring wells registered alarming increases. In fact, one of the monitoring well increased nearly 65,000 percent from 12,300 picocuries per liter to over 8,000,000 picocuries per liter.”

Gov. Cuomo: ‘Alarming’ levels of radioactivity found after Indian Point contaminated water leak

‘65,000% radioactivity spike’: New York Gov. orders probe into water leak at Indian Point

NY to probe ‘radioactive’ water leak at Indian Point < nuke masters add quote marks to make it radioactive-Lite


Gun_rtMining Awareness Nuclear Terrorism: 296,000 Radioactive Shots Per SECOND (Bq) per Liter of Water (34 oz) Near Entergy’s Indian Pt. Nuclear Power Station; Compare to M134 Gun at 100 Rounds Per Second

” . . . How long would an individual get by with shooting a gun of any sort at people in public? And, yet the nuclear industry-utilities get by with it all of the time. They are allowed by law to legally leak long-lived lethal radioactive materials into the environment on a routine basis throughout the entire nuclear fuel chain.”

(Jan. 14) Pipeline’s proximity to Indian Point raises concerns

” . . . in March, Spectra Energy received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to construct a massive new gas pipeline, the Algonquin Incremental Market, or AIM, crossing 2,159 feet of Entergy property at the aging Indian Point nuclear power plant in Westchester County.”

We’re sure Ramapo Fault at the nuke plant won’t get woken up.

Radioactive water leak may indicate that Indian Point nuclear facility is poorly managed … ya think?

Federal Specialist to Inspect Elevated Radiation at Indian Point

LINK –  http://youtu.be/HROhc6V88aA

LINK –  http://youtu.be/csD1-Zfe290

The leak was from contaminated water overflowing:

LINK –  http://youtu.be/__LgdT91WRs

Dropped control rods –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/NO4AXrA9ZiQ

LINK – http://youtu.be/WviqV_eAH-k


N.J. nuclear plant shut down because of generator problem

“… an automatic safeguard system detected an electrical problem in the plant’s main generator and caused the shutdown of the plant’s turbine.
The turbine turns the generator which produces electricity.
The stopping of the turbine caused the nuclear reactor to automatically trip off-line.

Salem 2 nuclear plant shuts down because of generator problem

NOTE: We updated the Porter Ranch recent post in the comments there.  PR_Hellgoto






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7 02 2016

Maybe my magnum opus here fish, thryoid is giving me a lot of trouble. It was linked on Millenium report. My secretary will be taking appointments! I am kidding I am kidding. Stick it up there baby and your hits are about to go through the ceiling! 🙂




7 02 2016

L.M. was just talking about this topic (Syrians herded around to cause stress on Europe)


7 02 2016
7 02 2016
A Green Road Project

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7 02 2016

i just added link to very good article by Mining awareness to the post 😉


8 02 2016


14 02 2016

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