ZIKA Skeeters GMO for US Bio-Warfare Insanity

10 02 2016

CDC-Oxford ‘Death Gene’ Is Key To The Brazilian Babies Riddle
By Yoichi Shimatsu

” . . . this essay explains how the recent cases of Brazilian microcephaly were not caused by ZIKA but are instead a “side effect” of the RIDL gene-transfer. The so-called Death Gene blockage, using the GATA binding protein, can affect the same gene in human embryos as in the targeted mosquito pupae. The OX513-A captive mosquito program releases protein-carrier male mosquitoes to mate with the wild local female mosquitoes. skullSkeeterThe lethal protein enters the eggs to disrupt embyonic growth, causing the offspring to self-destruct (auto-side) before they reach adulthood. However, these same mother mosquitoes can then transfer the dangerous protein into women, thereby seriously harming human embryonic development of the brain, nerves, heart and testicles. Damage to the GATA-1 protein in human embryos is associated with Down Syndrome, a brain disorder similar to Brazilian microcephaly. (While there are many other causes of microcephaly, the new Brazil type is extraordinarily severe.)”

” . . . Science skeptics and pro-GM stooges are probably asking by now: Is there any proof that CDC had access to gene-delivery mosquitoes as early as the ZIKA outbreak in Yap? Quit your yapping, kids, because CDC was already cooperating to breed more varieties of mosquitoes with Oxitex in 2006. Named after the Oxitec affiliate 360 Genomics, the OX3604C mosquitoes were loaded with the RIDL death gene.

By 2008, CDC researchers were conducting field trials of Oxitec-3604C in Chiapas, Mexico, the heartland of the Zapatista movement in the very same year that their militant commandantes were declaring support for the Palestinian struggle. Need we say more? “

(more) http://rense.com/general96/cdc_oxford.html




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10 02 2016
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10 02 2016

I heard him describe all this on the Rense interview with Dana –
[audio src="http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/special/rense_020816_hr3.mp3" /]

16 02 2016

16 02 2016

25 02 2016

What Could Go Wrong? Brazil Plans To Kill Zika With Gamma Radiation Burst


20 03 2016

Jon Rappoport, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Andreas Bachmair – Zika Virus “Outbreak”…

2 04 2016

more — at 1 hour 4 min. mark –

7 05 2016

18 05 2016
10 06 2016

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