Another Three Mile Island Disaster or Worse in the Making: Brunswick and Perry Nuclear Power Stations Valve and Electrical Failures This Week

13 02 2016

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Power Lines to Brunswick Nuclear Power Station in North Carolina
Oddly, Nuclear Power Stations depend on electricity from the grid for cooling of the reactor and its spent fuel pool. Above ground power lines at Brunswick nuclear power station, on the Atlantic Ocean, put it at high risk from hurricanes, as well as tornadoes. Building in background is Brunswick Nuclear Power Station. One can only hope that backup generators work, and that they can access enough diesel.

There are endless problems at aging nuclear power stations, which are reported by the US NRC using the euphemism of “event” like it’s a big nuclear party: Some “events” are indeed drunk or drugged up employees, euphemistically called “fitness for duty”, or rather lack thereof. It puts in mind those who hold parties during major hurricanes, rather than evacuating. While hurricane parties often end badly for the stupid participants, nuclear “events” could impact many innocents for generations.

A look at today’s auto…

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13 02 2016
13 02 2016

I keep getting ‘scripts’ stopping my browser … I thought it was ads ….

13 02 2016

you mean the cuttlebone (found in birdcages) – the center part?
This makes FC very mad!
Plus – did you know sea urchins act as a cleaning squad on coral reefs and coral needs them very badly?
Sea urchin die off = reef die off.

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