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13 02 2016

New York Daily News“F–k you!” Workers react to news that their 1,400 jobs are being sent to Mexico — WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE

” . . . Carrier Heating and Cooling announced that it was transferring operations and 1,400 positions to Monterrey, earning a chorus of jeers and shouts during an announcement to workers soon to be unemployed.

F–k you!” one man is heard yelling in a YouTube video shot while employees were told that, “the best way to stay competitive and protect the business long term is to move production from our facility.”





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13 02 2016
A Green Road Project

Reblogged this on A Green Road Daily News.

13 02 2016

Thanks! I hope it goes viral.
Do these criminal think the fired workers are going to do their bidding for another year and a half? They ought to all walk and take the factory parts with them!

13 02 2016
A Green Road Project

Secret Trans Pacific Partnership TPP Approved – Overrides US Sovereignty, US Laws, Environmental Protections, Will Send Millions More US Jobs Overseas To Communist Vietnam

13 02 2016

I knew that was the motive.
They did it because they can!
When will workers realize they got their unions in the first place because of factory take-overs.
They need to bring sleeping bags and weapons to work!

21 02 2016

Woman Fired by Yelp After Making Viral Post About Low Wages

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