Indian Point Contaminates the Hudson River With Uncontrollable Radioactive Flow

15 02 2016

Non-stop contamination 24/7 . . .

whiteRAD_yelBlackThe Leak doc

Feb. 18 – COINCIDENCE? The Journal NewsNY to start rapid response team for water quality

Energy Matters

Indian Point - riverside 

By Roger Witherspoon

            For more than a decade, it has been impossible for operators of the Indian Point nuclear power plant to stop highly radioactive reactor and spent fuel pool coolant from leaking into the groundwater and migrating to the Hudson River.

And despite assurances from Entergy that this time will be different, there is no indication that the company has developed the ability to prevent the latest uncontrolled leaks from following the underground waterway into the Hudson. And because the river is a tidal estuary flowing as much as 20 miles above and below the nuclear site, radioactive contaminants may be sucked into the drinking water systems of several river towns.

While Entergy focuses attention on tritium, a radioactive form of water and the predominant contaminant leaking from the plant’s cooling system, the actual leak contains a basket of radioactive elements, including Strontium-90, Cesium-137, Cobalt-60, and Nickel-63…

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15 02 2016

“An uncontrolled, unmonitored pathway to the environment — in this case the Hudson River — is unacceptable” an NRC spokesman said

18 02 2016


U.S. Sen. Schumer rejects calls for immediate closure of Indian Point nuclear power plant
. . . he is unaware of terms like “conservation” or “alternative energy” or “tidal power” …. ” or …quit letting your donator corp. a–holes blow air co out the front door of posh shops in the middle of a heatwave when hundreds are dying in Queens from electrical outage due to posh shop and 1% energy HOGS.
Oh, and you can quit hiding heat wave deaths by NOT recording them. And you can quit taxing energy-frugal teeny apt. dwellers to pay for energy-hog home owners with punitive electric rates cooked up by Schumer donor pals.

18 02 2016
18 02 2016

. . . .“This was the seventh alarming incident at the aging plant in eight months, following a transformer explosion and oil spill; a water pump failure; electrical anomalies; and the loss of power to several reactor control rods. “

18 02 2016

Radioactive Leak at Indian Point Nuclear Plant Shows “We Are Flirting With Catastrophe”

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