“12 days of Geiger Counter Readings on the Central Coast of California IV”

16 02 2016

…Death of California …

whiteRAD88ENE-News Official Report: West Coast hit with 220,000,000 atoms per liter of Iodine-129 in rain after Fukushima — 15 Million year half-life — Detected in aquifer that supplies drinking water to large number of people — “Transported rapidly” to Canada and US — Elevated levels continued for many months



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17 02 2016

Fukushima: They’ve Killed Us All


20 02 2016

That is a really great article with pictures, and a MUST READ, just poorly named, IMO. It has pictures and discusses how the researches cannot say it is NOT Fukushima and yet say they don’t’ know what is causing the die-offs. It discusses Manhattan project workers tombs (and pile buried in park) still emit radiation (Why didn’t they bury them in lead?) I have read this study referred to about the Alaska island, which is about half-way to Japan and have it someplace. The reason they were willing to point out the Cs 134 from Fukushima is that this was an old nuclear testing site (underground) and they wanted to prove it isn’t leaking so testing for 134 (half-life 2 years) and 137 half life 30 years. Note what it says about shallow water species impacted first! “Because the Amchitka 2011 sampling event occurred soon after the Fukushima nuclear accident, the biota impacted by atmospheric precipitation showed the greatest impact (e.g., species that live in freshwater or shallow ocean waters) when compared to marine biota living in deeper water. This is because ocean currents are a slower transport process than wind currents. LM scientists anticipate that the marine biota will show the impacts of Fukushima during the next sampling event, currently scheduled to occur in 2016” http://enenews.com/us-govt-headline-alaska-island-appears-to-show-impacts-from-fukushima-significant-cesium-isotope-signature-detected-video


20 02 2016

Links to some of the Fukushima telephone transcripts. I think there are more. One day, at least, is missing. I think it was Thursday. They can be found using these ML codes. They read like a fast paced novel, but I think must be understood in their entirety and there are around 2000 pages. It’s a little over 400 per document, but some are missing, like I said. These are official court transcripts of telephone calls by US NRC.

Click to access ML12052A108.pdf


Click to access ML12052A109.pdf


Click to access ML12052A110.pdf


20 02 2016

Thanks! I’ll download….


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