Scalia murdered? Did Texas Judge once ask God for a ruling? < ♦ UPDATED

16 02 2016

fishy from the get go!TouchofEvil

Related (about the unprofessional judge) – Like a dead dog on the tracks: Injustice in small town Texas.


Maybe the judge asked Satan for a ruling. This video says Scalia was sacrificed at a pedophile ranch.
blackCat [aft 1 HR. 29 MIN. mark ] spiderWeb


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Scalia murdered? Did Texas Judge once ask God for a ruling?

Who is Texas Judge, Cinderela Guevara, who denied an autopsy?

by Jon Rappoport

February 16, 2016

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Chew on this quote for a minute. I’ll put it into context later:

“[In 2013], my sister and my daughter’s paternal aunt and I went to see Cinderela Guevara several times. [This is Judge Guevara, who just ruled Scalia died of natural causes and no autopsy was necessary.] I went to see her alone two times…

When she was alone with me, Ms. Guevara asked about my religious beliefs several times. We spoke about the Catholic faith and on September 3, 2013, when I met with her, she told me that she had prayed to God for an answer as to whether it was suicide or not and asked God…

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17 02 2016

That was a sad case for the lady whose daughter died but it looks like Scalia got the judge he deserved! Hah! You’ve given me two great and needed laughs, the other one being about the U. Vic. banana. I’m sure Scalia will be eventually dug up, but some types of poison are hard to prove. Maybe people want to look at my stuff on the death of the Haitian Judge Judge Joseph. But, Scalia was so grossly obese that it is close to impossible for him not to have had health problems. It’s a great strain on the heart and could be sign of other problems such as thyroid disorder.

17 02 2016

and Scalia was unethically paling around with potential litigants… obvious bribery at play.
And his trip to Hong Kong?
Industry uses lucrative ‘book deals’ to hand out bribes.

18 02 2016

YOU need to write a piece on Scalia and especially the Gore- Bush part. Please write a piece. Scalia will be news for awhile.

18 02 2016

I added that sum-it-up video to the bottom of the first post all about that.
TV news re-writes history by ignoring that (so young people won’t know). I will write something as a comment.

17 02 2016

22 02 2016

Good info in this article — but it looks like some stooge of an editor slapped a silly headline on it –
‘Poisonous and grossly irresponsible’ conspiracy theories are floating about Justice Antonin Scalia’s death

22 02 2016

23 02 2016

many videos on the topic like this appearing on YT – with lots of traffic –

24 03 2016

26 03 2016

X22 Report – Breaking Down The Suspicious Death Of Justice Scalia:Jon Rappoport

16 10 2016

18 10 2016

20 10 2016

Yoichi Shimatsu goes into the ranch gathering and he tells about the new e-mail leaks and Scalia hit…..

The Order of Hunters

Justice Scalia died at a hunting lodge operated by Houston businessman John Poindexter, who is also the North American head of the International Order of Saint Hubertus, a Catholic fraternity devoted to traditional hunting and wildlife habitat conservation. Scalia, a devout Catholic, was invited to the Cibola Creek Ranch, in the Big Bend region of the Rio Grande, by Washington lawyer Allen Foster, an expert in commercial law and building standards for the construction industry, who is a member of that fraternal order, which apparently includes women, at least in Europe.

To clarify misunderstandings about the order, it is a cultural relic of the knights of the the Holy Roman Empire. Its current head is Istvan von Habsburg Lothringe, a traditional heir to princely titles in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (which are not recognized by present governments). The order is strongly Catholic, given the former role of its knights as defenders of Christendom. In the same vein, its American leader Poindexter, a retired military officer, is fluent in Spanish and an aficionado of Mexico’s Spanish tradition (the Hapsburg Empire for much of its history ruled Spain and the Spanish New World.)

The gathering of members of the Hubert society and guests was in celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day, customarily practiced in Slovenia, Bohemia and other parts of Eastern Europe as a springtime festival of regeneration based on pre-Christian folklore. The various pagan images of procreation, sexuality and devilment at Cibola ranch over that weekend were part of the folkloric arts of Mexico and Eastern Europe. (Catholicism is by definition an all-embracing and tolerant movement inclusive of native religious customs, despite the generally hostile media image of the faith as a strict priesthood obsessed with pedophilia. There are serious vices, but also positive aspects of the mother Church.) Whether the event was infiltrated by the Illuminati, Satanists or other hostile cults cannot be determined since the list of 36 guests has yet to disclosed.”

12 11 2016

Gordon Duff:

“When Veterans Today tied the murder of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia to a White House blackmail plot and a strange tale involving the Keshe Foundation, it became clear that the highest and most powerful in Europe, the US and around the world, were tied together in a web of ritual child abuse on a massive scale. . . .”
story –

25 12 2016

Was Scalia a pedo and killed by one of his victims?

8 01 2017

Podesta Emailed About an Assassination Three Days Before Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s Suspicious Death

and MORE – –
John Podesta is behind Scalia murder plot

22 05 2017

3 08 2017

7 03 2018

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