NEI LIED about River Bend Outage – Cooling Off/On For Weeks

19 02 2016


white_blackYEL_RAD“River Bend Nuclear Reactor was scrammed due to lightening and stayed at zero power for three weeks from January 9 to Jan. 30th. Note that this makes the Nuclear Energy Institute’s claim that River Bend nuclear reactor was running reliably in this period false.”


Lightening Scrammed Nuclear Reactor Loss of Cooling; Off For Weeks; On Again, Now OFF; USNRC Inspection

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NASA lightening
FEMA Heavy Rain
One month after a thunderstorm led to a scram, the US NRC announced that there had been a loss of cooling the next day (which could have led to a nuclear meltdown, if not corrected quickly enough) and promised investigation: “The plant was operating at full power when a lightning strike caused a momentary surge in the plant’s offsite power supply, triggering an unplanned shutdown. Operators subsequently took appropriate actions to place the plant in a safe shutdown condition. The following day, operational errors led to a one hour loss of shutdown cooling.

The purpose of this special inspection is to better understand the circumstances surrounding the loss of shutdown cooling, determine if operator response was appropriate…“ See statement at bottom of our blog post.

Note that the Three Mile Island Nuclear Disaster was well underway within 2 hours (6 am) of the reactor trip and SCRAM (4 am)…

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4 responses

20 02 2016

The other outrageous thing is NEI claimed the reactors survived flooding before the flooding was over. And dam failure could happen later, after dams weakened as in Katrina,

20 02 2016

yeah … that spillway area train tressel fire was fought with fireboats because of soggy land nearby. Maybe soggy levees.

20 02 2016
miningawareness Will they rebuild it in wood? I think the area is always soggy … soggy and then downright wet. Routine rain people use their boats in south Louisiana.

20 02 2016

probably … see “Dollar Cotton” (book) .. they first built tracks on old leaves.

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