Dirty Money

26 02 2016

“As stunning as it may sound, an argument can be made that neither the Nazi Party’s rise to power nor even WWII itself could have happened without the backing of U.S. industry and finance. Cash contributions through the 1920’s and ’30’s helped elevate Hitler’s brownshirts from mere street thugs to a political party and financed “off  hailhail01budget” ops for the SS. Before and after the U.S. entered the war, military equipment and critical technology transfers flowed from U.S. corporations and subsidiaries to the Third Reich.”

Loyal to their Class, Unhinged from Democracy
by Mike Ferner




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26 02 2016
A Green Road Project

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26 02 2016

I had always heard about Nixon working in Dulles’ office and now here’s a source.
Hideous fiends!

26 02 2016

It’s Sweden and Switzerland who armed Hitler and kept him going. Swiss historians (Bergier report) say that Hitler couldn’t have made it but 2 or 3 months without the Swiss and the Swiss with the policy of moving gold and troops to the mountains could have held out for 2 years. Sweden backed off toward the end but the Swiss kept selling military related equipment until the very end, even when it was clear that Germany was losing, and only then did they scurry back across the Rhine (and in some cases they didn’t even have to cross the Rhine.) They also allowed shipments between Italy and Germany. And, they laundered the gold to “clean” Swiss francs. The US bombed Switzerland multiple times on purpose – they just can’t admit it until all involved are dead but the evidence is there, as it was precision bombing of strategic sites. Had economic sanctions been used against Switzerland then there wouldn’t have been a need to bomb Germany.

26 02 2016

Yeah – but these banksters started it all with bumping Hitler up the ladder when he was a nobody.
And Prescott and the Wall Streeters funneled money all along. And certain things that could’ve been good targets weren’t bombed at behest of US industrialists.

18 04 2016

NSA Historian on Nazi Gold
(1997) by Robert J. Hanyok

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