Breakaway NRC Engineers Say Shut ‘Em Down!

5 03 2016

Utility Drive NRC engineers urge shutdown of nuclear plants if design flaw not fixed

whiteRedRADA group of engineers in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission say they have identified a design flaw in nearly all nuclear reactors in the country that should result in their mandatory shutdown unless operators fix the problem . . .

By way of Kevin Blanch – FC

Nuke Pro The NRC is a Captured Agency, Their Conflict of Interests have Made Them Dangerous Overseeing Nuclear Power in USA
“This shows it clearly. A known nuclear plant risk, with a simple fix, and the NRC decides to “do nothing” in fact rejecting multiple attempts from engineers within the NRC to push for the required safety upgrades…”
{ has link to PETITION from the engineers }




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5 03 2016

5 03 2016
5 03 2016
A Green Road Project

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5 03 2016
5 03 2016

It didnt sound like there was an easy fix for the electrical defects. The whole concept of dependence on outside power is also a hopeless defect anyway.

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