European Rad Monitors Show Spike

8 03 2016

Allegedly Apparent Blog Peculiar Radiation Spikes in Europe (@early March 2016) Suggest “Mystery Radiological Emergency” is ONGOING + Largest Cesium-137 detection since 1986 @ Helsinki, Finland (!)

Added-in after posting: March 7, 2016 @ 17:30 Mountain Time:  See also additions at the end and comments.  I had no idea when I wrote this post that the spikes this week coincided with the most extreme Cesium-137 detection SINCE CHERNOBYL for a monitoring location in Helsinki, Finland this week:

Observation from Dr. Leuren Moret:

Russian Scientists predicted, after the March CIA coup (2014) in Kiev, that Ukraine would have 3-Chernobyl level nuclear events (and they meant DELIBERATELY carried out).
moxFlire1The first carried out was MOX fuel in an old Soviet reactor (Zaporhyze) in late Nov. of 2014 and releases were reported by EU rad monitoring stations into Jan. of 2015. ~1-month. The new Ukrainian Prime Minister engineered that. He also held a press conference in Brussels in Jan. 2015 announcing that he had bought a load of new MOX fuel from Westinghouse to put in the old Soviet reactors in Ukraine. So this guaranteed more nuclear disaster events in NPP’s.

The second event was also engineered by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, named Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a Goldman-Sachs international banker and Scientologist (Jesuit trained), who I refer to as the “Goldman-Sachs nuclear arsonist” or “Arseniy the Arsonist”. He was involved in a huge forest fire in the exclusion-zone at Chernobyl in spring 2015 (following the earlier MOX meltdown in Nov.2014), which caused global nuclear pollution from burning forest debris accumulated over 20-years. Because bacteria and and degradation agents cannot live in high levels of radiation, the forest debris did not decompose and form soil, and this tinder-dry debris was 10-feet deep, and highly radioactive. Not only did the fire burn for months and kept re-starting, but the response by Ukrainian emergency agencies was in the form of one helicopter and a bucket brigade with a few vehicles to put out a fire that was out of control from the start, and the burning expanded to a huge area visible from space. Eventually the fire had grown to 25,000 acres and was burning out of control underground which cannot be put out – and several times it threatened to burn an area where high level rad had been buried.

So Christina, you have the honor of being the discoverer of Yatsenyuk’s third Ukrainian Chernobyl in a year! All predicted by the Russian Scientists in 2014. The Russian scientists were aware of how crazy the Ukrainians can be – probably for a number of reasons, but most likely from the brain damage after the Chernobyl disaster exposed the whole population in eastern EU-RU with high levels of radiation.






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8 03 2016
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8 03 2016

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