Nuke Rogue State: Saudi Arabia (joins Israel)

9 03 2016 – The nuclear Near East!
by Thierry Meyssan
While the West was applying pressure on Iran to abandon its civilian nuclear programme, the Saudis were buying the atomic bomb from Israel or Pakistan. From now on, to everyone’s surprise, the Near East has become a nuclear zone, dominated by Israel and Saudi Arabia. . .

2¢ from Leuren Moret –

Saudi official admits Saudi Arabia has nuclear weapons and has had them for at least 2 years. Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia signed the non-nuclear agreement, as a sovereign ruler the King of Saudi Arabia can personally purchase nuclear weapons and Saudi Arabia does not violate the treaty.

KERRY’S IDEA OF NUCLEAR SECURITY: Prohibit Iran from producing its own NPP fuel by enriching uranium to the legal fuel concentration, which is perfectly legal under the agreements made and signed when Iran established its NPP energy generation program.

And Kerry/Obama’s Foreign Policy hypocrisy allowing Israel and Saudi Arabia – the two unstable (secretly) “nuclear states” – in the Middle East, exposes the fraud of sanctions against Iran... and Russia too for that matter (western media constant drumming fear and threat of Russian nuclear terrorism).




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9 03 2016
A Green Road Project

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10 03 2016

Sputnik – Riyadh’s Worst Nightmare: Is Saudi Arabia’s Oil Business Going Bust?

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