Dana’s 24 Hour Broadcast! It’s About Fukushima

10 03 2016


Here is the broadcast (10 hours) :

LINK –  http://youtu.be/gMcMeiz1Q1o



TIME ZONE MAP (Dana is on West Coast Canada, purple area)

If you miss it LIVE – catch it on his YouTube Channel!







7 responses

10 03 2016
10 03 2016

oopsie — here’s what the deleted comment said –
so, is this your handiwork? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6xGHyYEFqk

It is obvious Woods Hole works with Google to sanitize the web of any info differing from your uncontaminated-fish theory.

10 03 2016

Buesseler always made me so disgusted that I was happy that Dana dealt with him so I didn’t have to. He used to sniff nervously whenever he was lying or misleading people – guilt and not allergies IMO. He has background in biochemistry and cell biology for undergrad so I think he has to know what he’s doing. He has to know the importance of potassium for the body and that cesium can replace it and that could be lethal. Cesium is more reactive than potassium and sodium so would replace it in sea salt. I hope the body has some selectivity to help defend it. But, the risk is documented as there. Cesium instead of potassium and sodium can lead to heart failure. Probably I should remove the can. Read about potassium sodium pump. Needed for nerve conduction and muscle function. The heart is a muscle and without potassium you get heart failure. Very, very basic physiology. Is he testing sea salt? Not to my knowledge. Nor sediments. Nor other radionuclides. Scaring people from life-giving potassium while hiding death dealing cesium is mass murder.

10 03 2016

I guess I should say “apparently” hiding because the testing he is doing is not statistically significant, nor is he testing the right things or not all of the right things.

10 03 2016

and where has Scripps been all this time?

10 03 2016

and recall the doctors’ trial at Nuremberg. Mass murders can go to the gallows.
We need to change the laws and be sure hanging is the mode of choice hor history’s sake.
And humanity’s.

10 03 2016

Everyone remember to put in your comment to oppose Germany trying to dump 200 tonnes of nuclear waste on America, BEFORE watching Dana.

They allege the US sold them almost one tonne of enriched uranium and want America to get 200 tonnes of radioactive waste back. 1 g from the US per 200 g for an entire fuel ball made in Germany. Even this is doubtful, as the company making the nuclear fuel balls did uranium enrichment.

To oppose dumping the comment deadline is March 11 at 11.59 pm Eastern (NY-DC time): http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=DOE_FRDOC_0001-3020

From the Draft Environmental Assessment: “2.2 NO ACTION ALTERNATIVE
Under the No Action Alternative, the spent nuclear fuel containing U.S.-origin uranium from the AVR and THTR would not be transported to the United States for management and disposition. The spent nuclear fuel would remain in storage in Germany and the impacts described in Chapter 4 of this Draft EA would not occur.”
http://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2016/01/f28/Draft%20DOE%20EA%201977_FOR%20PUBLIC.pdf So, why would anyone want impacts when it can and should stay in Germany? Click on Mining Awareness icon for more info.

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