Pacific 99% Dead From Fukushima

12 03 2016


Fukushima…Pacific Ocean 99% Dead…2015

LINK – < this video is one of hundreds banned from the account of hero reporter, Dana Durnford by evil goons at Woods Hole and Uranium U aka U Vic.



Dr.  –   Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima and Death of the Pacific Ocean

” . . . Much damage has already been done. “This is very amazing to me, having been working in the radioactive xenon monitoring field for about 17 years now. This was astounding to me… You can see background levels around 0.1 mBq/m3… Note the peak concentration we saw was in the range of 45,000 mBq/m3 — so that is 450,000 times our background level. For me that’s astounding. We never have ever seen anything even close to that. So the concentrations went up and up and up every day, and so that was quite amazing to see this 7,000 kilometers away from the event… I only show some of the data here . . . “


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4 responses

12 03 2016

Did Dana make the whole 24 hours? He needed to sleep for his health.


12 03 2016

he made over 10 … but was very lively.

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12 03 2016

I know he was tired at 8 hours and I was worried he wouldn’t sleep.


19 07 2017

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