BBC Lies About Fukushima Radiation

14 03 2016


Major media outlets lied about Fukushima on their 5-years-later coverage, often referring to the disaster in the past tense, but the BBC takes the prize!


[Illness studies info & links in the description]

This science shill in the video, Prof. Gerry Thomas is the Ken Buesseler of the U.K..

Debunking the comfortable Fukushima spin from nuclear propagandist Prof Geraldine Thomas

Who is this shill? She has a degree in pharmacology and a PhD in Pathology and was a researcher in Cardiff and Cambridge Universities and is all into tissue banks with special interest in Chernobyl.
She seems to be a trained PR mouthpiece for the  medical-radiation industry….”Public understanding of radiation and health effects” is her specialty.  Nuke pal, G00gle, sees to it when you look up anything about her, a lot of garbage like this shows up –
Communicating Health Risks from Nuclear Accidents – – as if the real trouble is poor communication about how safe radiation is, not how 3 uncontrolled meltdowns are poisoning every living thing on our planet for 5 years with no end in sight. Another, almost identical PR rag. [This moneybags, Asia-Europe Foundation is behind some of these nuker PR tours. Asia-Europe Foundation uses Imperial College Press to print their PR rags. Hmmm… maybe they both have the same funders …. ya think?]

The nuke establishment and the medical establishment in the U.K. and U.S. are both using the same  theme of addressing better communication from the we-know-best scientists to the poor, stupid public. This is why Jay “Tweety” Cullen from Uranium U has been thrust out to “educate” us.

Let’s see if this is a coincidence of PR tactics in the U.K. and U.S. – or if something else is the common denominator.

Well, well, well …. Prof. Gerry Thomas’ Imperial College (London) is also England’s Livermore Lab(!).   They teamed up with Cambridge to offer post grad studies in nuke power (presumably nuke weapons too).

RadBottleThey are funded by The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) “… the UK’s main agency for funding research in engineering and the physical sciences. EPSRC invests around £800 million a year in research and postgraduate training, to help the nation handle the next generation of technological change.”. They leave out they are a weapons lab. We wonder how many £million they set aside for cleaning up their nuke accidents and spills across the U.K..

Prof. Thomas is on this UK-Japan Nuclear Dialogue committee (after 3-11) … maybe she should have said so at the start. Wait! If there’s a “UK-Japan Nuclear Dialogue committee” maybe there’s a “US-Japan Nuclear Dialogue committee”!
There is! There is!


EVIL TWINS! (we knew it!)

UK   atomSM   (post 3-11)
US    atomSM   (post 3-11)
Fourth Annual UK-Japan Nuclear Dialogue
The 2nd Annual Japan-UK Nuclear Dialogue
Joint Statement of the U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee
US-Japan-ROK Nuclear Dialogue Track 2 Statement – Towards a Common Trilateral Approach

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14 03 2016
A Green Road Project

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14 03 2016

Is she just bad in mathematics, knows nothing about radiation, or a psychopath?

The written article partly corrects her, which probably covers them legally. How many more heard her give a false number on the television, as opposed to reading the article? “Is Fukushima’s exclusion zone doing more harm than radiation?” By Rupert Wingfield-Hayes BBC News, Fukushima How can a so-called radiation expert be so bad in arithmetic? She really does say in the video that 2.8 microsieverts per hour is 1 mSv per year, when it’s almost 25 mSv per year! Anyone with a Geiger counter using microsieverts knows she’s wrong off the top of their heads! In the written article he says that it is 3 microsieverts and then claims that exposure is only 12 hours per day and would be 13 mSv. This is still very high. However they suppose that there is no radiation inside, whereas due to house dust it is sometimes higher inside! And, Fukushima continues to belch radiation into the air, along with the water. Also, the shielding of a building is not going to be 100%. Some people might want to take their chances of dying of cancer, to stay at home, since everyone dies eventually, but that’s another question. According to BEIR VII, excess in utero cancers can be detected as low as 10 mSv.

2.8 microsieverts per hour x 24 x 365 is (divide by 1000) 24.5 mSv, which in a little over 4 years time (100 mSv), according to the US government funded BEIR VII report, would lead to approximately 1 in 100 people getting cancer. A more recent, mostly government funded, study of UK, US, and French nuclear workers, suggests that this number is more like 15 cases of cancer per 100 people (for 100 mSv). The risk is higher for women and the unborn. Each radioactive particle can lead to cancers or mutation, if damage occurs and if it is improperly repaired. Some mutations may be inherited.

The new study suggests risk which ranges from three times worse than BEIR VII to 26 times worse, (i.e. from per 100 people there would be 29 extra cancers per Sievert (1000 mSv) – which is approximately BEIR’s upper bound- to 262 or more extra cancers per Sv in a population of 100, meaning that 100% of the population having excess cancers would kick in at around 400 mSv. The middle estimate interpretation is around 152 extra cancers per Sv meaning that a 100% excess cancer rate kicks in at around 700 mSv. Cancer for everyone would occur at lower doses due to already high cancer rates.

CNN appears even worse! CNN’s Ben Brumfield mindlessly quoted (or supposedly quoted) the UN: “According to United Nations nuclear experts, exposure to less than (1 Sv) 1,000 mSv annually causes no meaningful increase in the risk of getting cancer.”

This is one of several reasons that I haven’t watched television in years.

While one would think that pathologists should know something about disease cause, I think in practice they sit around cutting up tissue and evaluating it for cancer, etc. And, standing for the occasional autopsy. Also, they tell jokes about encouraging people to smoke. This is based on my personal experience. Buessler has less of an excuse for his stupidity, because he studied biochemistry and cell biology so should know something about life, and not just death. Buessler and Thomas are pathetic excuses for academics or human beings.

14 03 2016

these US and UK think tanks / speaking tours / PR efforts all started AFTER 3-11 ans I suspect they came about because of one idea from one entity, like the big shots who rule everything. Whole thing looks like a PR cock up.

14 03 2016

In other words psychopaths…

14 03 2016


15 03 2016

Imagine all those billions of “nuclear hot spots” everywhere, indoors and outdoors from the exploded/vaporized core rods – billions of tiny, invisible to the eye, highly radioactive particulates waiting to be ingested or breathed into the lung (worse) and “professer” Thomas says everywhere is safe for people to live and play in it. What an evil little turd she is.

Thou shalt not make false witness.

15 03 2016

What kind of a monster would say on tv to millions of viewers walking down a street in Fukushima is just fine? At least she wasn’t wearing a mask and will succumb to effects.

15 03 2016

Lowering our sights a little … into the real muck….
You know how UK-BBC kiddie procurer, Jimmy Savile had access to kids in the hospitals and access to the morgue etc.
Doing a search for “Prof. Gerry Thomas Jimmy Savile” I got a quick result.
A whiff of smoke doesn’t mean fire always ….

15 03 2016

Vile Gerry Thomas

some things we found out about Cardiff, Wales, child abuse and vile people….

26 05 2016

a little more on N. Wales here —

    49 min. mark

… not a smoking gun but more names of gov’t. officials ….

15 03 2016
15 03 2016
16 03 2016

p. 10 of this doc is about Gerry Thomas & tissue bank ethics
£million grant money –

sent in: “Why would they threaten Stefan Grimm over 200,000 pounds then? This discusses Gerry Thomas’ job there. The head there Martin is the one who allegedly threatened him with losing his job if he didn’t come up with funding. I think that Grimm must have had some incredible find that they didn’t like and/or wouldn’t engage in rad is good for you campaign for them. He researched apoptosis, cell death and cancer. However, maybe Stefan Grimm was just eaten up by the system. It looks fishy though.”

20 03 2016

“… remember the Redfern Inquiry into the taking of body parts from radioactively-contaminated workers in Cumbria? Radiation Free Lakeland has been contacted by many people anxious to know when the findings of this Inquiry will be revealed so that justice and closure can take place. That thousands of dead nuclear workers’ organs were taken without consent for secret research into radiation poisoning was and is morally unacceptable. The government has put the Redfern Inquiry “on hold” indefinitely. What other industry can get away with such a suspension of justice and carry on with business as usual?”

20 03 2016

Kevin Blanch said about his father, an Atomic Veteran — one of the soldiers in the trenches watching the H-bomb … they got all those soldiers later and took their tonsils out! Same deal.
Monsters in charge.

20 03 2016

Oh! So that’s why everyone used to have to have their tonsils removed and then they decided it was a bad idea? Also, sometimes adenoids. It was the kids born in the period of weapons testing who had their tonsils out young, wasn’t it?

20 03 2016

very common with my generation … I still have mine….

20 05 2016

On Wales and Jimmy Savile activities there….
no BBC or doctor tie in but more info …..

1 06 2016

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