“Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell or don’t”

17 03 2016

“The strangest thing I encountered in my writing about the disaster is the number of “Idiots” (yes they are!) that insist there is nothing to be concerned about. Who the atom2hell are [these] ignorant saps that continue to believe that there isn’t a triple core meltdown happening in Japan for the last five years.”

SEE “Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell or don’t”

ENE-NewsTV: Radiation in ocean off Fukushima at highest levels in yearsOut of control leakage coming from plant — ‘Big spikes’ in radioactivity observed — “Surprising… Concerning… Crisis” — 1,000s of tons of contaminated liquid being released — Scientists: Japan gov’t covering up situation (AUDIO)




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17 03 2016

No time for Guiness on St. Patrick’s, it seems.

17 03 2016

crying in beer after looking at my day-1 bracket 😦

18 03 2016
18 03 2016

A green Road Think Tank – (Jan.)
13 Neutron Beams Came Out Of Fukushima; Direct Evidence Of Holes In Reactors And Multiple Melt Throughs And Melt Outs

18 03 2016

Document:Dishonesty and the Science-Policy Interface

A hard-hitting indictment of Western Scientific Establishments in glossing over the issue of nuclear safety, and attacking those, such as Busby, who are independently researching the effects of ionising radiation on human health. Powerful interests clearly feel threatened by Dr Busby’s work and are seeking to suborn the scientific process to their own ends whatever the catastrophic effects on human health of disasters such as Fukushima.

21 03 2016

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