Fukushima Contamination 2 Million Times Worse Than Anything Before – Dana Durnford

22 03 2016

Pacific Death

LINK – http://youtu.be/Bl_j3I8q2fI


whiteRAD88Nuke Pro Nuclear Radiation Is Far More Toxic to the Living Environment Than Previously Thought

white_blackYEL_RAD Dr. Leuren Moret

Ken & Jay: How Do You Sleep at Night?





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23 03 2016

24 03 2016

Does your tv news report this? – – – –
Cemetery full of dead babies missing brains next to US nuclear site — Funeral Director: Almost all infants we have died the same way… “that’s pretty much all I see on death certificates” — Few miles from “most contaminated place in hemisphere” — “One of largest documented anencephaly clusters in US history” (VIDEO)

25 03 2016

On the so-called decommissioning by TEPCO, Dr. Leuren Moret says,
“You cannot believe a word from TEPCO, they have done nothing but lie and keep fantasy and falsehoods juggling in the air since this happened. They even kept everything from the Japanese govt. All of the emergency response came directly from BP headquarters in England through US Sec. Energy Dr. Steven Chu (Stanford Nobel Prize winner) and his Under Sec. Dr. Steven Koonan (Cal Tech/BP high level scientist) who passed the orders on from BP to TECPO – all done in total secrecy with no help accepted from any country with more experience in the world.

This is an unprecedented global genocide… and it is rolling out just as they carefully planned. They know where every atom and nanoparticle of rad is I was told by a Prof. and Dept. Energy contractor. He told me (early 2000’s before Fuku) that DOE/DOD know where every rad atom is blowing over the Himalayas from Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s just how granular it really is.

So anything TEPCO says or does is baloney. They are taking orders from BP and covering up what is really going on… and committing a slow global suicide as they follow orders.”

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