The Department of Justice is Goldman Sachs’ Footstool

23 03 2016

The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime


” . . . a brief American legal history of the executive branch’s overthrow by criminal global banks, which is divided into four roughly chronological segments.”




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24 03 2016
A Green Road Project

Reblogged this on A Green Road Daily News.

24 03 2016

EnergySolutions, including Clive Nuclear Dump in Utah, is largely owned and operated by former Goldman Sachs investment bankers. Worse, they are trying to buy the west Texas Waste Control Specialists (WCS). Unless SEC-Antitrust stops them. Clearly it is a violation of anti-trust laws. But, will they be stopped? Even though WCS is not built safely, it’s not got the dumpyard look of the Clive dump yet. Both of these places are on the list of where the 200 tonnes of German nuclear waste may be diluted to and buried. Dilution would make this many times greater space and hazard.

24 03 2016

if DoJ has the say so … it is a done deal ….

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