Saudi Arabia is committing genocide in Yemen

26 03 2016


Maps explain why they want Yemen sea corridor (besides oil under the ground) …..












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the real Syrian Free Press

yemen-genocide-by-saudi-criminalsA Yemeni boy runs past buildings that were damaged by air strikes carried out by Saudi Arabia on March 23, 2016 in the UNESCO-listed old city of Yemeni capital Sana’a. (AFP Photo)

Yemen’s Ansarullah movement:
“Saudi Arabia is committing genocide in Yemen”

The Saudi forces and its mercenaries have come to Yemen to wipe out a generation, Houthi said during a televised address on Friday, adding that they want to raze Yemen to the ground.

He said the Saudi regime has committed numerous crimes against the Yemenis.

The Saudi regime knows no limit in its massacre of women and children, he said, adding, however, that the Saudis are neglectful of the Yemeni popular will.

Houthi said the US and UK are helping Saudi Arabia
in the aggression against Yemen

This Saudi regime…

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26 03 2016

Can they say “View Original” in smaller text?? It is about 6 pt. size (thanks, WordPress!!).

27 03 2016

From Dr. Leuren Moret –

The US has been offering up to $7 million (ISIL #2) rewards for revealing locations of key leaders in ISIL that are then targeted for assassination in US air raids. Omar the Chechen (commander of McCain’s false flag in Syria) was killed by US strikes after a $5 million reward was offered for info on his location. He was killed in a convoy enroute.

“This indicates that the US is destroying high level operatives in the terrorist groups who could be potential witnesses to US war crimes carried out by the terrorist groups.”

27 03 2016

This is surely why Saudi wants nuclear reactors. Saudis have deals to buy nuclear reactors from Russia, France, China. They can drop nuclear weapons or threaten to do so.

27 03 2016

OR … they made a deal years abou with BushCo and friends to buy a lot of nuke stuff in exchange for US sucking up their oil.
The embargo years back was a flim flam deal to hike oil profits in exchange for Saudi weapons purchases … recounted in many books and documentaries.

27 03 2016

But, the US has nothing to do with Russian or French nuclear power stations, especially not the Russian ones. The US doesn’t even do enrichment anymore. They seem to be involved mostly in waste, which is maybe why they are importing waste.

27 03 2016

oops — thought it was Saudi deal … nev-v-ver mind!

27 03 2016

Yes, it’s Russia, France, and even China trying to sell nuclear reactors to Saudi. No doubt that the US gave them the bombers, etc. Some think that Pakistan gave them a bomb already. UAE was getting Korean reactors underwritten by US Ex-Im – I think the fuel rods were Toshiba. The US has half of GE and it has Fluor, EnergySolutions and Honeywell. But, Westinghouse is Toshiba. I think that since the US is no longer interested as much in Saudi oil that the Saudis do as they please now. I think it’s better that Saudi does its dirt for itself instead of making the US do it for them. Not that I am advocating bxmbing anyone. But, at least eyes should be unveiled by Saudi doing their own dirt.

31 03 2016

From Radioactive Chat:
Swedish media reporting trouble at Ringhals Nuclear power plant, an earlier damaged fuel rod have now broken in half in the fuel pool during inspection

31 03 2016

Which day was that?

31 03 2016

tonight was the comment… no info or link

10 05 2016
The Fall of the Saudi Arabia | flying cuttlefish picayune

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