Atomic Power K.O.ed on the Big Screen

27 03 2016

“The West’s first new nuclear power plant since Chernobyl” runs into snags and it’s all caught on film and the film wins awards!

‘Return of the Atom’ (‘Atomin Paluu’): TIFF Review

Inside the first nuclear plant the West has built since Chernobyl.

“A black eye for the nuclear-revival movement, Mika Taanila and Jussi Eerola’s Return of the Atom watches patiently as the West’s first new nuclear power plant since Chernobyl slowly fails to be the trouble-free project planners promised. One might expect a film spanning five or so years of concrete pours, community meetings and construction status updates to be a dry affair, and in this case it certainly is — enlivened only by the righteousness of two or three tireless opponents of the plan. “



Festivals / Awards

Toronto IFF 2015
cph:dox Copenhagen 2015 (NORDIC:DOX Award)
Nordic Film Days Luebeck 2015
IDFA Amsterdam 2015
Göteborg IFF 2016
Tampere FF 2016
Sofia IFF 2016
Crossing Europe FF Linz 2016

nominated for the Finnish JUSSI Awards 2016 in the categories Best Feature Documentary & Best Original Score




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