Madmen HAVE Gotten Their Hands on Nuclear Materials: Burying Foreign Nuclear Waste at WIPP and Elsewhere, USA; Lethal Poison “Gift” Basket Diplomacy; Terrorists Within the US Government

2 04 2016

Madmen doesn’t begin to describe them! Monsters!


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[Note that this is April 2nd and this is still dead serious, as documented below and easy to verify online. However, Obama holding his “Nuclear Security Summit” on April Fool’s Day does appear telling.]
Madmen within the American government-Obama Administration with their poison “gift” basket diplomacy are planning to bury old foreign plutonium, from terrorist countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, and Japan, at WIPP in New Mexico, and old foreign uranium waste in Utah, Texas, or elsewhere, USA. Switzerland had their plutonium in vaults at Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) behind heavy gates and probably in a bunker. Meanwhile, US commercial nuclear waste sits dangerously on nuclear reactor sites throughout America and the US government (read taxpayer) is being sued because it has not been removed from the sites, as promised. WIPP is for US defense related transuranic waste. WIPP is dangerously unfit for purpose. Only madmen-terrorists would add foreign nuclear…

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2 04 2016

3 04 2016

Sent in –
“The country’s interior minister added in a statement that of the 58 foreign nationals, 43 were Russian, four from Japan, seven from Belarus, three from Ukraine, and one from Uzbekistan.”

4 04 2016
7 04 2016

Transfer of radioactive trash across the globe is such a con job!

“….the whole transport idea is bizarrely unsafe – passing through or over communities, waterways – risk of accident, of terrorism.”

7 04 2016

What really happened at the Nuclear Summit last week? First there was the following distraction meant to end meaningful debate on the preceding summit-

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