Warren Buffet, the Kochs, and the War on Buggy Whips

4 04 2016

The War For YOUR Mind ….

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Climate deniers are fighting the equivalent of a war in defense of buggy whips, typewriters, and muzzle loaders.

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4 04 2016

This is such a big crime. The media tells people that solar’s not economically successful but don’t tell why. I think something like this happened in Spain. I know it happened when Putin took over Crimea. Crimea had a huge new solar installation that was to help the Ukraine become more energy independent but they lost their feed-in tariffs from the Ukraine when Putin came in. And, the Ukraine lost the solar facility. Clearly it was so he could sell more oil and gas and nuclear. In Florida they don’t allow rooftop solar, unless that has changed. Along the highway there are solar panels for lighting in Florida because that is Federal land! Rooftop is better than the large installations but the large installations are better than the other options. Africa is way ahead of the US on this. 25 years ago they had students at a med school-school of public health, in what was then Zaire, now Congo again, working outside and running their computers off of solar. This was probably true in other places there as well.

Electric’s only eco if the power source is eco. Stephane Lhomme won a lawsuit over this in France. If the source of electricity is nuclear it’s certainly NOT green. The best thing is parking shelters with solar panels on top to plug the cars. Also biofuels from kitchen and other waste. This is used to run buses in some Germanic areas of Europe. Not certain how widespread. They can even use wind to process the biofuels. In Africa they were running buses off of solar.

Austria turned its only nuclear power station (which never opened because they didn’t know what to do with the nuclear waste) into a solar energy station.

What is really shameful is that these companies are run mostly by individuals who could, as individuals, more easily do the right thing instead of the wrong thing.

4 04 2016

The energy supply to US cities was carved up after WWII by the big boys, Westinghouse etc.
Ordinary people have no idea how it works.
If energy consumers organized they could dictate terms!

4 04 2016

I hope that the US leak will involve the rumored offshore accounts of US agencies which are rumored to funnel nuclear industry money. I think it was NRC but could have been DOE and NNSA or all of the above. I think Holtec was involved. Since the rumor is around one year old maybe it was in these leaks. And, anyone who has played the game gossip knows how the more things are repeated errors can come in. I hope something comes out.

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