The Stark Realities of Baked-In Catastrophes

4 04 2016

It is getting past the tipping point … but go back to sleep … and for God’s sake, don’t utter the word “conservation”!

Collapse of Industrial Civilization

Joe-Webb-Greetings-From-CaliforniaIn a civilization gone mad with delusions of grandeur, we’re left with tatters of human sociability held together by rancid mythologies.

Despite human fossil fuel burning recently reported to be “flat”, CO2 levels have been on a tear for the last six months, reaching new worrying levels which have some wondering whether permafrost melt may be contributing to the unusually high spike if no decline happens soon. The giant holes in Siberia serve as an ominous sign. Considering that the current El Niño is contributing only 10% to what we are now seeing, runaway global warming may be accelerating worldwide. But don’t worry, Warren Buffett says climate change is no more of a problem than the Y2K bug and will be profitable through increased premiums and inflation.

Ever dire studies continue to reaffirm worst case scenarios, making clear to anyone paying attention that Earth in the next century will be unrecognizable from its current state…

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7 04 2016
7 04 2016
7 04 2016

great site, I may have to repost some of it.

7 04 2016

I think I saw it on A Green Road … anyway, yeah, great.

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