Eat Crow, Nukers!

7 04 2016







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7 04 2016

Fish Miami is no surprise to me. The Turkey point nuclear plants have always been classified as the most mismanaged in America. I worked with a kid out of there who had his entire thyroid glands taken out. They told him cancer. They were swelling up on him.

My right side is now swelling but not the left. I ma not sure I would have went along with that if I were him. Surgeons now with laser have ways to simply reduce them but of course they will tell you you need more radiation afterwards in the form of chemo.

7 04 2016

I’d be looking up those natural remedies … anything to stem that. Probably we will soon all be getting thyroid problems…..

7 04 2016
Eat Crow, Nukers! | truthfromshadows

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7 04 2016
Nuda Waya

Increasing the alkalinity of your body will buy you some time. I have been battling prostate cancer for some time now and it has helped seemingly. This can be done by altering your diet to alkaline foods but as with all therapy; one most moderate so as not to go too far.

8 04 2016

I had that problem many years ago. A doctor said we may have to cut it out. I said don’t call me, I’ll call you. I went down to the health food store and bought some herbal capsules called PR relief by Nature’s way. I took them for a couple of weeks and never had a problem since. That was over 30 years ago. Two people since have the same problem who had spent big bucks tried the same thing and never had a problem. Sometimes it just gets stopped up.

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