VAXXED Drama Exposes the Maniacs at the CDC

9 04 2016

From a guest essay at Truth Barrier: It Boggles The Mind

“It boggles the mind that the head of the CDC that authorized this fraud, Julie Gerberding, was hired as the President of Merck’s Vaccine Division shortly after the cover up. It boggles the mind that while she cashed $24 million in stock last Fall, the Autism rate shot up to 1 out of every 18 two year olds. It boggles the mind that the controlled corporate media can still brainwash parents into harming their own children and bullying others into incapacitating their children as well.”


New book coming out:  Master Manipulator

The explosive true story of fraud, embezzlement, and government betrayal.
By James Ottar Grundvig

In 2000, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) carried out a secret mission to bury, skew, and manipulate data in six vaccine safety studies, in a coordinated effort to control the message that “vaccines do not cause autism.” They did so via secret meetings and backtesting health-care data. The CDC invested tens of millions of dollars in a foreign health-care data analytics startup run by Danish scientist Poul Thorsen, a move to ensure that no link ever surfaced. But fate had other ideas. The agency soon learned it couldn’t control Thorsen. In 2011, the US Justice Department indicted him for the theft of more than $1 million of CDC grant money.

Master Manipulator exposes the CDC’s hidden agenda for the cover-up. Influenced by Big Pharma money, future high-paying jobs, and political lobbyists, CDC executives charted a course different than what the findings of earlier vaccine safety studies revealed. The CDC needed an outsider to “flatten” the results of the data, while building an exit strategy: a fall guy in case the secret plan was exposed. Thorsen fit the bill nicely, conducting studies overseas. But the CDC’s plan backfired, as Thorsen took the money to the bank and the power went to his head. It would take years for his fraud scheme—funneling CDC grant money to a Danish university and then back to a CDC bank account he controlled—to play out.


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9 04 2016
A Green Road Project

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10 04 2016

Dr. Leuren Moret says:
“The EPA/CDC/NCI/NIH were all started by the AEC/DOD to protect the govt. from the public and public opposition to the consequences of the nuclear weapons program, and to protect the nuclear weapons program. People were led to believe it was the other way around – to protect the public. “

10 04 2016

It has been long known that mercury causes neurological disorders. So, why mercury would be put into a vaccine defies imagination. On the other hand, mercury based disinfectant for wounds was sold very late.

Says Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “Despite the “cheats” in the Madsen et al 2003 paper, the Registry data still showed a pesky drop in autism rates between 1999 and 2001 in 7-9 year old children. This was significant since these children were the first generation born after Denmark’s thimerosal phase out in 1992.”

However, one of the nuclear reactors close to Copenhagen was closed in 1999. “The first reactor, Barsebäck 1, was closed November 30, 1999, and the second, Barsebäck 2, ceased operations May 31, 2005.”äck_Nuclear_Power_Plant
Also, there were probably other radioactive influences from other Baltic Reactors, Sellafield and Chernobyl. Copenhagen is very open to the Baltic wind, waves, water. Simple storms throw vast amounts of water over sea walls onto passersby.

The US study I read about showed higher autism among black males. This raises the question of what is distinct. Nuclear reactors are disproportiately located in the US southeast, where there are many black Americans. These reactors are often in poor black communities. The fattest county in America is downstream and sometimes downwind from its largest reactor at Grand Gulf.

There is the whole issue of synergistic effects, as well as multiple variables and intervening variables. There are so many variables which come into play for humans that really any study is flawed by definition, formal cheating or not. So, it’s best to just avoid products known to be dangerous such as mercury and radiation.

What I found heinous on the vaccines is that one or both of the measles had been wiped out in the US, along with polio. Germans and Swiss (and maybe French) who refused vaccinations brought the disease to US universities and caused outbreaks. Then they wanted ALL students to get shots or booster shots. Wouldn’t it make more sense-be more fair to make the foreign students get shots? Clearly there is something strange on that – either more profit for immunizing all or powerful Swiss and Germans.

Vaccines have never ever been safe on an individual basis. There is always some risk. They were never designed to be. They are to protect groups and institutions (military, schools, hospitals). However, it sounds like some of these are so bad that they may fail by that measure.

10 04 2016

To clarify the fattness issue – radioiodine comes out of the reactors in the air and water and damages the thyroid. Damaged thyroids tend to make people overweight.

10 04 2016

I know … thyroid damage… but vaccine poison is another threat without the nuke booster even needed. Good info on the posts.

10 04 2016

The long interview explains the race factor. It is multi-poisons put into the vaccines, seemingly causing damage without any regard to human safety. Merk profiteer grabbed dozens of millions of bucks after CDC stint. Read the posts.

10 04 2016

As you have said, this seems to be most of all a story about free speech, fraud, lying to prove what you want to prove – always important. But, from an epidemiological perspective I continue my points, since you are kind enough to allow it. The FDA did NOT allow anonymous comment in their comment period, btw.

I listened to the press conference, read the Daily Mail article and maybe because of media blockage or because they want to sell the film, I only find hints of information, though I could have overlooked something. The other things I read gave even less info, though I may have missed one.

Based on what they say at the press conference-Congressional speaker, this is apparently a live virus vaccine. Unsaid is that they aren’t supposed to inject a live virus vaccine into anyone since that by-passes the immune system. Certainly they shouldn’t inject three into a baby-small child (nor mercury). There was an early scandal regarding live viruses, I think it was polio, and they switched to the dead one. On the other hand, I’ve never understood how there could be a dead vaccine for viruses because viruses are not ever independentally alive but rather packets of genetic code which highjack host cells. The role of cleaning agents is to denature them, just like cooking denatures an egg (obvious when it is overcooked and rubbery). Thus, they seemingly can only be denatured or related variants. The earliest or one of the earliest vaccines was cowpox. It is an animal variant of smallpox but because it is weaker in humans it protected from the dangerous smallpox. So, I think that the “dead” viruses must be slightly denatured.

They speak in the press conference of a seizure brought on by the vaccines and high reactions at certain ages. Obviously a seizure could cause brain damage (or be indicative of something causing the damage.) They mention that there are more serious reactions in patients depending on age, as is known by the individual diseases themselves. All of this is true for any medication. Unfortunately, they do not quantify it. In this case they say it is very young patients, but for some diseases the dangers can be in older patients.

They never tell us what they consider to be the evidence, nor quantify. One article says it’s mixed overwhelming evidence but that is not evidence. It has to be explained-qualified and quantified. It is necessary to know if they are referring to high levels of immediate reactions in very young children – allergic reactions, seizures, other – that are close enough to the shot to be pretty certain of a correlation. If this is the data they have, yes, it’s close to proof or close enough. Even this would have to be compared to odds of getting the diseases and of seizures with the diseases. However, if they are saying that suddenly autism went up in the same age group that started getting the MMR shot, then this becomes speculation. As everyone gets the shots then there is no control group. It can very well be something else in the environment, such as radiation.

Here, as in the nuclear industry, needs to enter common sense. Nonetheless, the big difference is that there are no benefits to nuclear, but there is a risk-benefit issue for both the individual and society with immunizations.

Three live viruses should not be injected into anyone at once. Even three denatured viruses should not be injected either. For individual vaccines we also have to know the risk of bad reactions vs. the risk of death or disability from the diseases themselves. By their very definition, statistics are about group risk, not individual risk. Contrary to internet, I have met someone seriously disabled with twisted spine, etc., from polio. But, I don’t know the stats for this risk vs. risk from the vaccine. And, the risk associated with the live early vaccine vs. “dead” one is surely different.

The Daily Mail speaks of a correlation between diabetes and autism. Diabetes and kidney damage are two diseases recognized as being related to uranium exposure. Kidney damage causes heart disease by raising blood pressure. Adult onset diabetes and obesity tend to be found together, often in conjunction with heart disease. Rather than obesity causing diabetes as we are taught, or both being related to sugar, it is also possible that exposure to both from weapons testing and/or reactors is the cause. Iodine 129 stays around for something like 15.7 million years. It stays in the body for 120 days and after a few decades of exposure the risk is high. This is not to deny that diabetes predated the nuclear age. However, so did uranium dyes in pottery and exposure to ionizing radiation through mining. There can also be multiple causes for the same disease. The end of the uranium chain is lead and it probably damages the kidneys.

One commentator in the video says that in Britain only the wealthy got autism ca 1950. Besides the greater access to vaccines (and diagnosis) which came in with socialized medicine that he discusses, there was the Windscale nuclear accident in 1957 and widespread nuclear testing. The wealthy would have had not just vaccinations but more x-ray exposure and possible exposure through uranium tinted kitchen ware (e.g. Fiesta Ware). There were also tritium watches.

Here we aren’t told adequate information either, except that they believe that the impact was disproportionately African-American males. As already noted they are exposed to other toxins, such as from the nuclear industry.

The big story which I see is that the CDC is willing to cheat to prove what it wants to prove. And, anyone with any familiarity with US history knows that they don’t care about the lives of African American men. Anyone familiar with American history might even suspect that the African-American men were given a different shot intentionally to kill or disable them.

Besides this particular vaccine, I reiterate: besides pharma profit, the point with vaccines was never to protect an individual but rather social institutions (e.g. hospitals, military, schools). If you look at the research on Atomic weapons testing their only concern was if the soldiers would be able to fight to the end of the battle, not if they got cancer later. The question is does this vaccine even protect social institutions.

People who have only one child and are too old to have future kids should be allowed to piggy back on the vaccinations of others because of risks for this reason. In Italy, if you had only one son then the son could not be drafted into military. I also maintain that foreign students should have been immunized rather than the entire US population. Those who are refusing all immunizations in Switzerland-Germany and presumably brought the measles into the USA generally go to the Rudolph Steiner schools which also don’t believe that children should be taught to read until 8 or 9. So, they just run around screaming like wild animals because they’ve nothing to do.

10 04 2016

I forgot to say that the most scandalous of all is making babies get Hepatitis B shots. Hepatitis B comes from poor hygiene at medical establishments, IV drug use and certain sexual behaviors. If you get it your liver can be destroyed. It appears a very dangerous shot to give a baby, or anyone else. Doctors should practice good hygiene and the shot thus only be for those who wish to engage in risky activities.

11 04 2016

MMR is way worse… if you see the vids, based on skyrocketing numbers. 1 of 18 2 year old babies right now and going to be 1 in 3 or 1 in 2 soon if they do not stop.
Way worse disaster than hep c.

From the Ocala news item :
“Bigtree said the film is more about the fact that the three vaccinations, if given separately, likely would not cause autism, adding that parents should have the opportunity to opt out of the one shot and get them individually.”

11 04 2016

Yes I understood all of those claims but not the basis. I agree for reasons I state. You are basically injected 3 dangerous diseases and by-passing the immune system. That this is dangerous is common sense. But, I don’t see anything beyond common sense that it is dangerous, such as proof that it causes autism. They need to just stop those shots, but not necessarily conclude that they were what is causing autism. When people have sick or dead kids they look here and there and everywhere but NEVER EVER at radiation.

11 04 2016

they reversed the symptoms when they addressed the gut issue …. gut-brain connection with this particular vaccine formula. Destroys the mind.

10 04 2016

The point of the movie, partly is MERK knows the vaccine is wrecking kids and they hid the evidence/studies.
There are good vaccines, but these monsters are poisoning kids for money period.
It is not talking about vaccines… but this particular vaccine, MMR.
Millions affected and MERK is liable as is CDC and many others.

See new post (interview).

11 04 2016

I addressed MMR in my second post. The common sense problem is that it’s 3 live viruses. Vaccines are to be dead (weakened) viruses, not three live ones. All vaccines and all medications still carry risk. However, I do not see the evidence of what Merk knew presented. There is revolving door on all of this, of course. But, that is conflict of interest. I will see which vid I overlooked but think the cover-up is making this overblown compared to things that I need to be working on, such as Holtec’s latest scam. If they had true proof that it was causing the autism then it should have been in the press conference and not waste people’s time. I don’t think they have it because unless a large number of kids had seizures, allergic reactions it is impossible to prove, even if they had a control group and they don’t. They can’t have one because the shots are required.

11 04 2016
11 04 2016

Thanks. It would be interesting to see what they have if these studies are available but no time for now. This is a complicated topic, more complex with the autoimmune component thrown in. I’ve read about these different autoimmune immunoglobins and similar things and it is complicated and I don’t recall it as being very specific. And, one must be able to look at risk-benefits in general on vaccines. To me it is clear that there shouldn’t be 3 lives viruses injected, however. For the evidence to be overwhelming I think that it would have to be seizures, allergies or death, shortly after the shots. On the nuclear discharges it is all risk no individual or social benefits. The article brings up whooping cough which is actually given with tetanus even for adults. Whooping cough (pertussis) gives a thin film over your throat and can be fatal. It’s hard to find a doctor who will give it separately from tetanus even for adults. It is almost impossible to prove causation outside of a lab environment which is what the nuclear industry banks on, as well as trained ignorance (looking up and down and all around for everything BUT radiation). The pendulum needs to swing back the other way. If a baby dies in a miscarriage do you blame the BPA in the can or the plutonium in the sardines the mother ate? Does it matter? Why can’t we buy sardines without BPA or plutonium or strontium?

11 04 2016

The evidence is overwhelming.
1 in 18 kids turned into imbeciles is not a good trade off for measles protection. A working immune system protects from measles.
1 in 18…. and rising fast to 1 of 2 or 3!
That’s the point of Vaxxed.
50% non-functioning pop. is not a sustainable society.

11 04 2016

13 04 2016

April 12 – Natural News –
Censorship of medical truth reaches fever pitch as corrupt medical establishment attempts to silence growing number of films and books about cancer and vaccines

14 04 2016
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29 04 2016
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