Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree interview

10 04 2016

New Realities channel –






Andrew Wakefield Vaxxed hero, shameful vaccine cover-up and confidential meeting

“Both the CSM Committee for the Safety of Medicines, JCVI/Joint Sub-Committee ARVI were fully aware of the fact that pertussis would cause convulsions and adverse serious neurological outcomes in children. They were less worried about putting children in serious vaccine-induced neurological harm than they were worried about legal repercussions that would follow relevant documents that would reach the public. Their vaccine practices were more in alignment with the interests of the vaccine manufacturers. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control were present in the “confidential” meeting June 6, 1986. Vaccine business-as-usual was more important than child health and safety. . . .”  (more)

Compare this simpy, wanna-be science “reporter” (industry shill) Yasmin Tayag’s lame attack job on Vaxxed with a real journo, Del Bigtree –



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10 04 2016

Controversial film debuts at Silver Springs [Florida] International Film Festival in Ocala

‘Vaxxed’ airs in Ocala

11 04 2016

On the vids, I’m glad that he finally started explaining what the issues are and that you found it. The major issue is that Merk holds the patent on the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine and the monopoly and for that reason that the vaccines cannot to taken separately (they aren’t available). He also says that vaccines are not held to the same research standards as other pharmaceuticals, though Merk’s Viox was later taken off the market only after killing people anyway. Also, that the head of CDC vaccine research (?) left to work at Merk.

He concurs with my previous statements that it is common sense to have the Measles, Mumps and Rubella shots separately. However, that option is not available in the USA, if anywhere, because of Merk’s patent and monopoly. He claims that the MMR vaccine is most dangerous between 12 and 15 months and safer after 3 years. (Meanwhile he hints that this may just be subgroups of children.) While this also may be common sense, he doesn’t clarify if the other individual vaccines are safe enough at the younger age. (Some diseases and vaccines are actually more dangerous with age, which isn’t common sense.) And, with no alternatives available it means that one of the parents or grandparents will have to keep children at home at all times (which he doesn’t mention). If they get none of their shots until age 3 and they get all of the childhood diseases in the interim from daycare-preschool, then they seem to have about the same risk of dying or being disabled, as of getting autism (10%). Even he doesn’t claim that this 10% autism risk is 100% from the MMR. My rough estimate is of (red) measles, mumps, rubella along with some other mostly childhood diseases. 90% of those exposed to red measles get it. This certainly puts working (or shopping) parents in a bind doesn’t it, unless a retired grandparent can help. Pregnant women can be indirectly put at risk, too.

Apparently because he wants people to see his film in a movie theater, he doesn’t seem to have released the data, which isn’t helpful. It isn’t helpful for his “cause” nor for people to understand. How can commentators get it right if he makes them see a largely unavailable film? It may be in the Congressional record from last July (or not). While he speaks of a study of 3,000, the missing data seems to be from a subgroup of black males (though it’s not totally clear in the vid.) We don’t know if impacts on that subpopulation are large enough to be significant or if the data was thrown out because it wasn’t considered statistically significant. He is doing a great disservice to not make the data public, both to his cause and those seeking information. I have literally wasted about a dozen hours on this topic, which really pisses me off. He wants people to see his movie and is apparently oozing out info slowly for that reason. I don’t think many people go to movie theaters and one can’t evaluate stats properly sitting in a movie theater. If he wants to make money he could let people buy it online though some aren’t set up for that.

He also blissfully ignores radiation effects which I don’t think is intentionally. It’s trained into everyone to ignore the elephant in the room. He hints toward a de-tox diet but that’s impossible when food and water have radiation. He claims that 100s of thousands of parents have noted a correlation between the shot and serious neurological impacts, though he doesn’t tell out of how many. Nor, how that compares to no shots.

Looking at this reminded me that unless some are genetically immune that New variant CJD (mad cow) should be distributing itself throughout the population. The traditional incubation period for CJD was in the 20 to 50 year range and the major outbreak was almost 30 years ago. While we may be seeing CJD in the autism, timelines and the alleged nature of the disease causing agents suggests that New variant CJD may well be radiation and the outbreak from Chernobyl and/or Sellafield. The only thing I got from my dozen hours of research was a reminder that most of the childhood diseases can kill you and damage the brain, and that all of the vaccines can do so.

When dealing with radiation we are dealing with all risk and no benefit and with vaccines there must be cost-benefit analysis. I made a long comment but since he had been so vague previously (and remains somewhat so) my dozen hours of research was largely off-topic and evaluated all vaccines and childhood diseases.

12 04 2016

The austism effects reversed themselves when the gut was cleaned for treament. It’s the vaccine effect on the guy that was cleaned.
It’s the vaccine and the billions of profits Merk gets and the immunity from prosecution they enjoy and the CDC dumping damning studies.
They would not destroy studies if the vaccines were safe.
2 CDC whistle-blowers so far.
CDC entirely corrupt as they are major purchasers of the products. They have a conlict of interest in doing their duty.

11 04 2016
11 04 2016
12 04 2016

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