Fig Leaf: Kerry Has Something to Hide from Hiroshima, Nagasaki

13 04 2016

Fars News

“. . . Lest there be any doubt, Kerry’s Hiroshima visit was not designed to seek a safer world for all or create the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons. Quite the opposite, his symbolic gesture was a false pilgrimage, designed to act as a fig leaf: To take the world community’s attention away from the fact that the War Party is engaged in an unprecedented nuclear buildup, turning its back on the stated goal of abolishing nuclear weapons, and threatening the entire planet.

To substantiate, the US administration has put aside $1 trillion to modernize its nuclear weapons arsenal, which will include building smaller, more useable weapons and nuclear submarines, as well as deploying “missile defense” systems throughout Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Guam, Philippines and in other places in the Asia-Pacific. Moreover, according to the non-partisan Washington D.C.-based Arms Control Association, the United States, the only nation to use nuclear bombs, currently holds an estimated 7,100 nuclear warheads, including tactical, strategic, and non-deployed weapons. . . .”






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13 04 2016

US Think Tank Urging Japan Keep Nuclear Funded By Japanese Govt & Nuclear Industry

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