Nuke Pro: As Fukushima Last Straw Attack on the Northern Ecosystem Rolls Out, 5% of Challenged Village Tries to Kill Themselves.

13 04 2016

“. . . as the ecosystem becomes more and more damaged / destroyed by radiation and other toxins, those who rely on a functioning ecosystem are stressed. Stressed to the point that death seems better than a life with no future, no economy, no money, no food. We were at the Murres, now we are at the Northern Tribes. Death that is. Resettlement will “solve” some of the immediate problem – “ . . . (more)

Canada indigenous community declares suicide crisis emergency

“The reasons for people trying to end their lives are varied but Attawapiskat [Ontario] leaders point to an underlying despondency and pessimism among their people as well as an increasing number of prescription drug overdoses since December.”

Attawapiskat declares state of emergency over spate of suicide attempts

“The chief and council for the Attawapiskat First Nation on remote James Bay have declared a state of emergency, saying they’re overwhelmed by the number of attempted suicides in the community.
On Saturday night alone, 11 people attempted to take their own lives, Chief Bruce Shisheesh said.”






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14 04 2016

just like Dana reports — the ice is leaving B.C. Rockies and Alaska mountains.
LANDSAT photo – Retreat of Yakutat Glacier

16 04 2016

18 04 2016

17 05 2016

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