Fukushima Strontium in Teeth Study

13 04 2016

90Sr in teeth of cattle abandoned in evacuation zone: Record of pollution from the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident


From Dr. Leuren Moret:

This is the first tooth study I have seen after Fukushima, I did the first and only baby teeth study that I know of in Japan 11 years ago (pre-Fukushima) in Matsudo City, in Tokyo. The two Japanese babies in the study, that were born in the US, whiteRedRADhad the highest rad levels of all baby teeth samples in my study. One of them was born in Wash. DC. I collected the baby teeth from mothers at a kindergarten in Tokyo. They went wild when I talked to them and told me they NEVER fed babies cows milk until Gen. MacArthur forced it on Japan to support US dairy farmers, and gave me the baby teeth. It was a fantastic experience. The range of Sr-90 in the baby teeth varied widely, and must have been due to the diet of the mother since the teeth form in utero. All of the mothers were drinking city water, so that was not an explanation for the Sr-90 variation.

There is so much pressure now to cover up Fukushima effects globally that it is very hard to get any information, and also very hard to publicize information. The coverup started as soon as Fukushima occurred. 





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14 04 2016
A Green Road Project

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14 04 2016

For readers who skip the science study summary …
SR-90 is strontium 90 and it collects inside the bones and teeth.
The science paper study intro describes it well. That’s why studying teeth is important.

EPA, CDC, FDA fear the information that comes from looking for SR-90 in teeth.

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