7.8 Quake in Ecuador – Pacific Coast

16 04 2016

USGS REPORT – with Map


Vague tsunami report for Santa Elena Province, south of the quake.

NEW:The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre also issued a warning for the nearby Pacific coastline.

4 Quakes Hit GREATER Than 7M!



Whole ring-of-fire worth watching now!

Rense.com has a lot of Ecuador quake updates –




4 responses

17 04 2016

L.A. Times L.A. releases addresses of 13,500 apartments and condos likely to need earthquake retrofitting

“City inspectors spent about two years developing a list of 13,500 so-called soft-story buildings that will probably need seismic strengthening. These apartments, which feature flimsy first floors that often serve as parking spaces, became popular after World War II as Los Angeles was spreading north into the Valley and west toward the ocean.”

NY Times Ecuador’s Quake 6x Strong Than Japan’s

” . . . . the total energy released by the magnitude-7.8 quake Saturday in Ecuador was “probably about 20 times greater” than the magnitude-7.0 quake in Japan on Friday……..t bigger quakes last longer, so both the strength of the shaking and the duration contribute to the total energy.”

18 04 2016
Trowbridge h. Ford

Wonder if earthquake is giving Ecuador second thoughts about harboring troublemaker Julian Assange in its London Embassy, and kicking out USAID last year?

18 04 2016

I was just wondering ‘did they do to piss off the USA?’ … had that thought readering a news item that said Ecuador president rushed back to the country when he saw the news …. meaning he was safely away at the time.
Just like the admiral who went AWOL fleeing the USS Ronald Reagan when they floated into the Fukushima radioactive cloud….

18 04 2016

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