Village Voice–Profiteers of Child Sex Trafficking– Rejects “Vaxxed” Ads

17 04 2016

vaxxed resources

Stephen Ericson has the story in The Truth Barrier blog.-

” . . . readers of the Village Voice can relax in their fears that their news outlet of choice has been over run with “anti-vaxx” crackpots: They’ve pulled all ads related to the movie. It seems that accepting advertisement dollars from a film reporting the claims of a CDC whistleblower (we at The Truth Barrier patiently, perhaps naively, along with the rest of the civilized world, await congress to subpoena Dr. Thompson so that his testimony be properly recorded) is just one step over the ethical line for the paper who has been accused of profiting from child sex trafficking.”
More plus sordid ad history of the Voice –

vaxxed resources

Info on the censorship of Vaxxed at the Huffington Post in COMMENTS here






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17 04 2016

The Truth Barrier –

HuffPo Pulls VAXXED review From Veteran Columnist, Blocks His Account, as Vaxxed-Fever Spreads

18 04 2016

This is going to blow up really big …
Lance Simmons dialogue

17 04 2016
A Green Road Project

Reblogged this on A Green Road Daily News.

19 04 2016

19 04 2016

19 04 2016

Natural News – HuffPo censors VAXXED documentary article and blocks writer account after discredited science troll David Gorski hijacks Wikipedia to trash the film

Sharyl Attkisson – Review of “Vaxxed” deleted From Huffington Post

What Lance Simmens wrote:

Why Our Kids Should Hate Us

20 04 2016

EbolaInfo blog – Lance Simmons why our kids should hate us

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