Holtec – The Company that Makes Crappy Containers for Old, Decaying Fuel Rods

18 04 2016

Mining Awareness has many articles on Holtec, the company that makes spent fuel casks and container systems. They have a sketchy history.

oldNPPsmHoltec Refused to Make Costs Available to US Gov; Continues to Suck Taxpayer Money

Mining Awareness +

As US attorneys noted:
Holtec should not be able to use a highly regulated and publicly funded industry to make profits, but to refuse to provide information about the cask business when the information it possesses about cask costs are an integral part of the damages claimed by the plaintiff in this case. When faced with damages of the magnitude of those being claimed by ComEd, it is imperative that we determine the reasonableness of these claims against the Federal Treasury.” “COMMONWEALTH EDISON COMPANY, Plaintiff, v. No. 98-621C Judge Hewitt UNITED STATES, Defendant, Case 1:98-cv-00621-ECH , Document 288 , Filed 03/12/2004“, Page 6 of 9 http://www.plainsite.org/dockets/download.html?id=14565388&z=24a65e24

What is Holtec hiding? Cheap costs with huge profits?
Holtec casks Diablo Dec. 26 2005 or 2006
Holtec Spent Fuel Canisters-Casks at Diablo Canyon
Each US Nuclear power station will require around 4 spent fuel canisters-casks per year. Holtec sells them for around $1 million each, sometimes more…

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18 04 2016

Kevin Blanch – one Earthquake away, HANFORD HAS CATASTROPHIC LEAK

18 04 2016

http://www.king5.com/news/local/investigations/catastrophic-event-at-hanford-prompts-emergency-response/140990679 Weren’t they going to do tests of nuclear injection wells (again) at Hanford? These tanks were already leaking and causing problems in the early 1990s. Even with my head kept in the sand I heard about that somehow.

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