Space Station Picking Up UFOs on the LIVE CAM

18 04 2016

Looking to see if ISS was showing Japan by any chance …. saw this (!!)


…. but figured it was some piece of trash or something. The channel that has this has a lot more 🙂

Evidently NOT! You can see weird UFO stuff on the cam any old time!

We just did a screen grab of one. Just Now(!!).


While we fussed with the art the background became all black (no UFO) and suddenly the solar panel was all extended by the time we looked back. Maybe that cam isn’t so “live” after all. At 3:40 P.M.  EST they did the blue screen thing, shutting off the cam for a short while. THEN at 3:54 they show the camera looking at a different direction (!) – the right about 15º and a little higher. What are they trying to NOT show???



International Space Staion LIVE CAM:





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18 04 2016
A Green Road Project

Reblogged this on A Green Road Daily News.

19 04 2016

They want to watch us destroy ourselves. I will reblog it.

19 04 2016
20 04 2016

20 04 2016

25 04 2016
Again with the Space Station & UFO Caught on the Live Cam! | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] our previous story, Space Station Picking Up UFOs on the LIVE CAM. This is a news report from TODAY(!!). We were looking at a recording, hours old, on the ISS live […]

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