Cold War Reprise – Bought by Billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky

23 04 2016

Fort Russ

Exposed: Khodorkovsky paid $385,000 for Congress to adopt the Magnitsky Act

The myths surrounding the adoption of the Magnitsky Act feverishly formulated by the head of moneyTossHermitage Capital as well as those they hired for informational assistance to spread this story inside Russia among various opposition figures, including Alexey Navally, imply the existence of an honest and heartfelt sense of pity for Russia on the part of American congressmen.  
However, an examination stopping at Mr. Browder’s lobbyist schemes would be simply unforgivable, especially from the point of view of the interests of Russian society which deserves to know who exactly stands behind the anti-Russian hysteria in the West. Therefore, today we present to the court of the respected public the second part of the investigation on the secret springs behind the US Congress’ “Magnitsky Act.” And the main character in our investigation is played by Mikhail Khodorkovsky. . . (more)

1%’s pal, WaPoThe man behind the Magnitsky Act explains why now is the time to go after the Russian elite’s assets




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23 04 2016
A Green Road Project

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24 04 2016

Finian Cunningham:

Broke and Paranoid…How the US Risks Nuclear War

Many observers fear that not only are we seeing a new Cold War, but that we are also in the throes a new global arms race. This stems from the United States being both wildly over-stretched militarily and wildly irrational.

25 04 2016

Why is it ok for the Russians to allegedly bribe Hillary but it’s not ok for Hillary to supposedly take the bribe? Why is it ok for Russia (Uranium One) to mine uranium in America and export nuclear reactors everywhere in the world, whereas excepting half of GE and Honeywell conversion and some rad waste (EnergySolutions, Fluor) US corps have no nuclear interests – URENCO who does all US enrichment (in New Mexico) is European (UK, Dutch, German), GE and Westinghouse Japanese. Most of the balance of the world nuclear industry is Russian state owned or French state owned. Probably the majority is held by these two. To my knowledge there are no US State owned nuclear corps, as in France and Russia. The corporations, including some foreign stated owned ones (e.g. AREVA), just own the politicians. French state owned AREVA is setting up a spent fuel facility in Texas. They soaked up a ton of taxpayer money with a defective MOX facility in South Carolina. Why does almost no one complain about that?

The big bad “American” company who lost their contract at Chernobyl for the fuel facility and wanted it back – Holtec- is privately owned by a man (Kris Pal Singh) born and raised and partly educated in India. At one million per cask he certainly should be rich enough to sponsor his own coup in the Ukraine or bribe whoever he wants. There is a Holtec India which predates US Holtec.

I really don’t see any anti-Russian hysteria, except some random small slaps from the US gov. I see the Internet as dominated by pro-Russia, pro-Putin sites. I wish there would be someone calling Russia to account.

How about Putin’s buddy Roman Abramovich exploiting the gold and oil from the Russian far east and living in the lap of luxury in the UK? He is Volga German Jewish, so by what right does he take the wealth of the equivalent of the Russian equivalent of the Alaska Natives? Then he brags that he gave them new housing from his own money – no that was their money. What will they have now except pollution? Russia itself is the creation of old Imperialism. Europe and Asia have been expansionist empire builders since before the US existed as a country. Russia grabbed up the far east in the 1700s around the time that the US revolted against Britain.

The Russian nuclear industry is owned by the Russian state so they could shut it all down tomorrow but it’s money in their pocket. Why are Russian propaganda organs like sputnik and RT considered news but Voice of America isn’t? Propaganda is propaganda. Should VOA change its name to Voice of Ace or something stupid like that since Russia Today became Ruptley? One of the most deceptive things they have done is change their name as a cover. Apparently there aren’t enough alive who recall the Sputnik program for them to change that name.

Just because the US does bad things doesn’t make Russia good.

Russia and Europeans make money off of the military industrial complex too. In their cases the government usually has at least a part stake.

Just because there are pictures of Putin looking at his girlfriend and Hillary with a sweet expression normally reserved for puppies doesn’t mean he’s a good guy. Looking at women like they are cute puppies may well suggest the opposite. And, certainly a KGB officer would be able to control his expressions. Putin was very old when the USSR ended. He wouldn’t have changed much.

25 04 2016

Idea – The M.A. headlines all show on the right sidebar.
Why not do a whole post on Russian nuke proliferation with the info in this comment?
It will get more readers.
Nuke proliferation be any party is bad.

25 04 2016

Many thanks. I have done so and been doing so, though maybe not specifically on non-prolif per se. There are documents that I could cut and paste even by Greenpeace. Each time I get almost done on Abramovich or other something else comes up. I consider it more my responsibility to look after the US and Europe. While I understand the wish to look for a savior, the closest thing around would be Austria and not Russia. And, I’m sure if I scratched much I would find the dirty secrets for it. I was almost done with one on Roman Abramovich (again two days ago) and Japan and EnergySolutions signed the waste treaty. Which is more urgent? Alerting people to probable burial of Japan waste in Texas or that a Russian oligarch took indigenous gold? I have a similar topic on McCain and buddy playing tricks to give that site away out west. I have a post showing that the Mississippi will go through Waterford, too. But, I can’t grow more time. I have been running 25 to 28 hour days and short on laundry for years now. Maybe after Chernobyl day or maybe on is better. I think anything I say about Russia will be dismissed as CIA propaganda by the Putinophiles anyway.

26 04 2016
26 04 2016

great 🙂

27 04 2016

OT/ German Nuclear Power Plant Confirms It Was Infected With Computer Viruses
… speaking of meltdown … there is TOO MUCH news to keep up with as these old plants and facilities fall apart…

27 04 2016

thanks. yeh you’re right. was thinking of a lump post. everyone should watchdog their local nuclear station but they don’t. educating people like you did me re US still burying nuclear waste is important.

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