Big Seismo Conference in Reno – Preparations for U.S. West Coast Tsunami – Shows They Don’t Know There Are Nuke Plants On The West Coast!

23 04 2016

whiteRAD_yelBlack This guy, Rick Wilson, science coordinator for the State of California Tsunami Preparedness and Hazard Mitigation Program, never heard of Diablo Canyon of San Onofre nuke plants!

Seismological Society of America: Preparations for U.S. West Coast Tsunami Look to Past and Future

And this clown from Lawrence Livermore jollyR National Lab, Souheil Ezzedine, spent his talking point time on the big threat of an ASTEROID making a tsunami and not a peep about the two aged, leaky and failing nuke plants that would need constant electric power after a tsunami or else they would melt down and make a Fukushima out of the the once-habitable west coast.

And our readers know these backup generators are junk and won’t work reliably over an hour!
During 2003 grid outage Indian Point Nuke Plant backup diesel generators FAILED


The backup generators are duds:








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23 04 2016

More on sources (2nd half of the post)

23 04 2016
A Green Road Project

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23 04 2016

yeah … tell EVERYBODY!
Hope they enjoyed the slot machines and buffet!

23 04 2016

25 04 2016

You know with the USGS missing a 6.9 quake around Barbados, that gets my attention. Barbados is just south of Pelee and the entire ocean bed of that areas is volcanoes. Cayce says when Pelee has a major eruption in conjunction with Vesuvius, it means rapid earth change and the destruction of Nevada and Utah within 3 months. Well we known Yellowstone is acting up in that area also.

25 04 2016

This is all very scary.
Worst thought is I have is they are doing some crazy thing with a HAARP-like beam …. aimed at the sun. And the solar flares are making the quakes go off.
Other super scary diea I saw (I think on Suspicious Observers youtube channel) was the Earth core is wobbling or something and eveything is going to blow…. quakes and volcanoes.
It makes you think the worst when USGS removes so much info!

8 07 2017

Fires appear on map to be near Sandia-Livermore site.

10 07 2017

a lot of fires out that way … near the dam too…

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