27 04 2016

By Kate, Hounds of Fukushima
— (A reply to nuclear apologist, Jay Cullen)

All of your mathematical equations, at this point of the ongoing Fukushima release, are a complete waste of public moneys, and especially, our time. I am not a scientist, but I am a person of high intellect, and very well educated; as though any of that really matters… although I was given the gift of simple logic and common sense that many within the genius category seem to be missing. No personal connotations are intended, but if the shoe fits…

You are basing your studies on fraudulent information supplied by TEPCO, and other scientists, as well as deceitful nuclear PR persons; all controlled by the IAEA. Also, you are treating this study as though the large releases from Fukushima only occurred for a certain amount of time; as though they have this release under control now… Also fraudulent information. You have mentioned the process of “dilution,” which again, is not an accurate understanding of man-made radioactive isotopes that are constantly being released, as they do not dilute. They accumulate, the same as lead or mercury accumulates within the body, but unlike lead or mercury, they undergo fission, causing them to alter and become different isotopes; some that have longer lives, and become more deadly.

I am sorry, but while listening to and watching your video lecture, I half expected to hear you begin comparing this man-made background radiation to a banana. Forgive me for this expectation, but many of the studies you have referred to, and based your own on, were produced by Ken Beusseler who DOES fraudulently claim that this man-made radiation is of no more danger to us than the natural radiation in a banana.

I understand that the IAEA has been feeding nuclear scientists incorrect information about Fukushima since the beginning of this ongoing event, and although they have listened to the more accurate estimates of the Japanese that are NOT associated with TEPCO, they have a choke-hold of silence on ALL information being released to the public; this includes all earnest scientists associated with Universities as well as private study. I am sorry to pop your bubble, but this is a sad and sorry display of ultimate power and control in the name of their own heinous need to further their ulterior motive to continue their deadly nuclear program.

While you have had your nose buried in scientific problems and sums based on incorrect estimates provided on the Fukushima release, are you aware that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has now changed the cancer statistics of 4.61 to 1,000 becoming ill with cancer, to 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women? Are you even aware that the W.H.O. has recently made a public announcement that we will from now on, see a “tidal wave” of cancer? I appreciate their subtle choice of words in their description of the numbers to a “tsunami…”

Do these figures not alarm you in any way, to the fact that you may have been fed deliberate, inaccurate figures to base your studies on, or are you just another naive protégé of Ken Beussler?

pinoccioWhile I understand your tenacity in your field of research, and obvious need to mathematically equate sums which no longer have relevance to the urgency of the situation of this ongoing event, I ask you if it matters, really, how many bullets it takes to kill a person. Let me make the answer to this simple question very clear. One bullet into a person’s head will kill the same as 100 bullets. It’s the firing mechanism that needs to be dealt with now; not the amount of ammunition.

Your scientific jabber[to a group of layman] of mathematical equations is no longer an issue in this argument of the threat to our existence, and the urgency of the problem. The issue is that the release of radiation from the ONGOING spewing from Fukushima into our oceans and atmosphere are rapidly depleting our earth of life that is mandatory to the supply of oxygen that makes this planet hospitable to us; never mind the cancers resulting from these elements. Your studies from inaccurate figures are a waste of our resources and precious time. The focus now needs to be shifted from any scientific mathematical arguments, to the removal from power of those who would see the human race annihilated, so the choke-hold can be removed, and a proper scientific think-tank can be formed to figure out the solution to this ongoing release that is now, rapidly killing our planet.

I would ask you now, is it your preference to stay with your useless studies of figures, in the light of the real dangers of this issue, or would you not prefer to be a part of the scientific think-tank that we so desperately need, to rectify this event that threatens our existence on this beautiful planet we call home?

Please know that I am in no way belittling you as a scientist; we need you, and others in your field of expertise, as well as all the other fields; whether they be art, philosophy, medicine, law, etc., to make the human race whole… That is, if we survive this planetary event. If not, then none of this matters.

Let me now close my narrative with this logical, and self-searching compound question, followed with the final analysis of your choices in answering this question:

Q. Why do you think you were personally given the gift of the scientific mind that you very obviously do have; was it to be a part of saving the human race, or was it to be fooled into being a part of the annihilation of the human race?

If the honest answer you feel within yourself is the want and need to save, then I commend you, and hope you will become a part of doing just that.

If your inner answer is the latter, then I pity you.







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27 04 2016

Beyond redemption –

27 04 2016
A Green Road Project

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27 04 2016

ugh –
Mining Awareness – US Senate Efforts to Do Away with Mandatory Licensing Hearings for So-Called Advanced Nuclear Reactors-Small Modular Reactors

And … oddly connected (?) – the ‘reporters’ strife – America’s Entitled (And Doomed) Upper Middle Class
– – – spoiled, clueless morons in charge of media!

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