Turkey Point Nuke Plant (FLA) Update

27 04 2016

Strontium Milks –

LINK – http://youtu.be/iS1WpoqIEzQ

SEE earlier report – Update on Leaky Turkey Point Nuke Plant Near Miami




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27 04 2016
Strontium Milks

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27 04 2016
A Green Road Project

interesting.. wonder if it could be the RA radiation in coal, gas or wood; or maybe it was K40? It would take a much more expensive meter to figure out why that reading was much higher on the grill.

2014 -2015 Beach Sand/Soil Ocean Radiation Readings; California, Oregon, Washington (800 CPM High Reading)

27 04 2016

I think the location was because of an inside tip.
Not a good place to be it looks like!

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