America in Serious Danger if Fukushima Not Stopped

29 04 2016



ENE -NewsTV: North America will not be safe from Fukushima radiation if plant keeps leaking — Animals “suddenly died” on west coast right after 2011 disaster… Whole world noticed this strange phenomenon — “Fatally high” levels of radioactive material has entered ocean… serious pollution is ongoing (VIDEO)







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30 04 2016

Ot but a must see.

Yatsenyuk Flees To Argentina-Is Merkel The Girl From Bariloche Next? Beatrice von Storch Of The AfD Predicts Merkel Will Run To South America For Security Reasons Before The Fall Of Germany Once Again

30 04 2016

This is from a South Korea (US ally) news station in case people wonder and NOT North Korea.

1 05 2016

This one was too good to pass up. I can do better but photoshop said I could not use the software I bought off ebay and I use gimp now.

2 05 2016

Nuke Pro

Our Planet Is At Grave Risk of Hemisphere Wide Blackout and 50 Nuclear Plants Melting Down

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